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devil theory
(dev'-ull-thee'(er)-ree) n. a theory of history which proposes that political and social crises arise from the deliberate actions of evil or misguided leaders rather than as a natural result of conditions.

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Rabbit-Proof Fence  :)

Like The Great Escape --
it's well filmed but doesn't tell
what really happened.

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I Park Like an Idiot

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SQ Worm

Thursday, April 14th, 2005
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Inside Our New Office

Three months ago I posted a photo of our empty new office space and a progress report on our plan for moving. Well, the office is now fully operational, as demonstrated here by Kristin and Alison. As you can see, we've put down some carpet, moved in some desks and some computers, and a filing cabinet, and we've even put a few cool things up on the wall, including a clock and a shelf for our company's collection of Origins Awards. Even the office phone line has been moved over to the office!

As for non-office moving, progress is slow. Very little has changed really since that last report. I've packed over a hundred boxes so far, but it's made such a small dent in the overall task that there still aren't a lot of visible signs of progress. But the signs are there... for example, the refrigerator door sure seems plain now, since I moved all the magnets to the side of the filing cabinet at the new office.

Even the status of Ashcroft v. Raich (the Supreme Court case upon which hangs our choice of where to move to) remains unchanged. Last I heard, a decision isn't expected until the end of June. So, we continue to interview Canadian cities... the top contenders at the moment are Hamilton and Montreal.

Anyway, here are some more photos of the new Looney Labs office. That's it for this week!

AndyThanks for Playing Our Games!

Thought Residue
According to a report on MS-NBC, a slightly used Prius can currently be sold for $1-3K more than the sticker price of a new one! This is because there's so much demand for the cool new hybrid-electric car that impatient buyers are willing to pay extra rather than wait for 6 months. (We find this particularly funny since Alison drove hers right off the lot after walking into a dealership on a Saturday night expecting just to put her name on a waiting list.)

I love rock formations. Last weekend we went for a hike on the Billy Goat Trail (part of the C&O canal parklands) and the huge outcroppings of rock along the way reminded me of ancient ruins. I think I dig rocks because I love ruins. Rocks formations are nature's ruins.
I finally saw Oceans 12, and I have to say I was pretty disappointed by it. It's true that a short scene takes place in one of my favorite Amsterdam coffeeshops, De Dampkring... but the fact that the characters are legally smoking marijuana there isn't acknowledged at all. What was the point of depicting it if not to bring some attention to the Dutch coffeeshop scene? Pulp Fiction had more to say about the drug laws in Amsterdam than did this movie. I'm reminded of an Amsterdam travel guide Russell gave me which was completely sanitized of references to the coffeeshops. But like its predecessor, Oceans 12 did have great music.

"P.S. We had a blast in the park again today. Lots of people came and asked us about the pyramids and we even convinced a group of people to play with us. We made friends! It was great! And we weren't even demoing per se." -- David, on the Rabbit mailing list

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