Stray Thoughts That Stuck in Andy's Brain

Andrew Looney's Thought Residue

From 1998-2010, I featured 3 random "thoughts" at the end of each update of the Wunderland Weekly News. In 2011, I stopped doing that and instead launched a Tumblr blog called Thought Residue.

This page provides an index into the original Thought Residue pages, which are archived by year:

Key to the symbols used on these pages:

This thought makes me happy!

This thought makes me sad.

This is a question I have (usually something rhetorical or philosophical)

An observation: a conclusion I've come to, or simply something that I've seen or noticed

A memorable quote, usually with an attribution and a comment regarding its context

An idea!

A word (or phrase) that I've coined (or at least started using)

I remember...

Wow! That's amazing! I'm stunned!

Copyright © 1997-2009 by Andrew Looney.

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