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fug (fugg) n. an odorous emanation, especially, the stuffy atmosphere of a poorly ventilated space. adj. fuggy. v.i. to loll indoors in a stuffy atomosphere. v.t. to make fuggy.

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Jeremiah Johnson :)

Beautiful landscapes
marred by brutal comedies
of human struggle.

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How To Really Confuse Your Party Guests

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Building 12

"We work in a large room in a warehouse with no cubical walls. We set up a Volcano board on the corner of his desk and we started playing during the day. We keep one extra pyramid (from the set we use for caps) out to the side to indicate who's turn it is. We don't get in trouble for wasting time because we still get our work done only taking a few minutes at a time to contemplate a new move. (it can take a few days to get through a game) As you can imagine we have attracted a lot of interest. We now have two new players!!!" -- Joelle, on the Rabbit mailing list

Thursday, March 31st, 2005
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? The Joys of the C&O Canal

Yesterday was Alison's birthday, so we took the day off to go out and do something fun, which ended up being some wanderings along the C&O canal. All the recent rains have left the Potomac river so bloated that the first place we tried to go to on the canal was actually closed due to flooding. (The water under the Monocacy Aqueduct had risen so high, you couldn't see any of its 7 majestic arches.)

I love the C&O Canal. It was built in the 19th century, as a way of moving cargo westward, before the railroads made canal technology obsolete. The name itself enshrines the project's failure: the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal was supposed to go all the way to the Ohio river, but they never made it out of Maryland. (It ends in Cumberland.) Even so, the 184 mile route was used for 73 years to move cargo between Washington DC and points west, and the route is now an Historic Site, managed by the National Park Service.

Growing up in the DC area, I have many fond memories associated with the Canal. I've traveled its entire length twice, once in a 5-day extended biking campout, and before that over a series of small trips, both on foot and bicycle, a little piece here and there on outings with the Boys Scouts or with family. More recently, I had the pleasure of working in offices right on the C&O Canal, when I worked for 2 years at Magnet Interactive Studios, which was headquartered in Georgetown in a former power station, situated right on the edge of the canal. I remember meetings held in a conference room there which had a window overlooking the canal...

It was a beautiful day for a hike along the canal, and Kristin & Alison & I had a lovely picnic at Lock 28, just northwest of a whistle-stop called Point of Rocks. The ruins of the locks are my favorite feature along the canal... they make great destinations to visit, since ruins are always fun (for me, at least) and the cleverness embodied in the design of the lock is cool!

Alison of course was more interested in the flora and fauna that we saw on other parts of the canal (though she lamented the fact that so many of the things she found there were non-native invasives). The woods were alive with the sound of spring peepers, and we saw numerous turtles sunning themselves on logs protruding up out of the canal. In one place we saw 7 turtles all lined up together in a row on one log!

Anyway, visits to the C&O canal are one of the many things I'll miss about the area after we move away. Hopefully we can work in a few more trips like this before we go, since I'd like to see more of the rest of the canal one more time...

AndyThanks for Playing Our Games!

Thought Residue
My dear mom has been in the hospital all this week. She's fighting a sodium deficiency, which has left her confused and disoriented and not at all herself (apparently, your brain shuts down when your sodium level gets too low). Needless to say, we've all been worrying about her quite a bit, particularly since the doctors aren't succeeding in raising her sodium levels and can't explain why not. Please send your prayers and positive vibes her way!

We've changed our minds yet again about the colors to include in the Volcano boxed set. Much as we've tried to get behind various wacky color combos, we can't shake the feeling that the standard RGBY set, plus orange pieces, is really the best looking and most desirable color scheme. But we're still figuring on making white the color of the caps...
According to Fortune magazine, approximately one third of the 1.2 billion (!) marshmallow "Peeps" sold each year are bought, not for eating, but for use in science experiments or arts & crafts projects.



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