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"I'd have to second all this, Fluxx is the game I play more than anything, its always in my pocket and it only takes a couple of minutes to teach a new player, Zendo has to be the best game a geek could ask for. Problem solving to the max. And then once you've got a set of Icehouse pieces there's a huge amount of fantastic games that you can play, my personal favourite is Volcano which has a chess like strategy to it." -- SilentDunk at Slashdot, in a discussion of "Fun Tabletop Games"

Thursday, March 10th, 2005
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Icehouse Artifacts and 100 Boxes

I'm into high-gear on Phase 2 of the Packing project... this week, I packed 35 more boxes, bringing me to the 100th box. Whoo-hoo! Progress is being made. Most of this week's boxes were filled with our extensive collection of board and card games, numbering close to 400 different games total. Of course, that's not even all of the games in our house, but it does leave a huge empty space on the once-overflowing shelves of the game room. I think the sight will be something of a shock to our gaming group when they arrive tonight. I did keep out a small pile of the groups most commonly played games...

As I pull stuff out of the attic, deciding what to put into deep storage and what to just get rid of, I've found a few old items of interest to fans of Icehouse:

First, I unearthed several of the first 100 Icehouse sets, the ones with hand-poured (and fragile) solid plastic pieces in a stark, black, signed & numbered box. I'm putting set #45 up on eBay this week.

Second, I found a box filled with leftover stash pads (really nice black vinyl ones Kristin had made to include in the Xyloid edition of Icehouse) and another box filled with Sample Games (nicely formatted quarter-page sized booklets which we made at some point to help people understand how this peculiar game of ours was played). The numbers of each worked out surprisingly well, allowing us to build 275 Icehouse "Stash Packs." Along with a Sample Game and 4 stash pads, these packets also include one of those cool round black "Icehouse" stickers. Fans of the original game will want to get one of these while they last, because there'll never be any more!

Third and similarly, I also found a box containing the last of the black cloth Icehouse bags we made in 1993, as packaging for the Xyloid edition of Icehouse. Again, get 'em while they last. because there are only 85 left!

AndyThanks for Playing Our Games!

Thought Residue
Clark Rodeffer (world's #1's Proton fan) sent us something really cool this week: a Protonic Rubik's Cube! That's right, it's a Rubik's Cube covered with Proton panels, thus turning the Cube into a 2-person game! Wow, way cool! I can't wait to try it!

Wow, my game StarRunners came in dead last in the 3rd Ice Games Design Contest! Well! Gee, I didn't think it was that bad... it just goes to show you how good the other ten games were! And I'm not sad... how could I feel anything but excitement at all the great new games being invented for my pyramids? Anyway, congrats to David J. Bush for Hextris!
"How about a refreshing change of pace? Come to the Quiet Party.  No loud music, no yelling, no cell phones and one designated area where there is no talking AT ALL!! Maybe you'll even find love through silent dating! The Quiet Party is a totally unique experience.  Inside the silent room we provide paper & pencils.  Pass notes around - be mischievous, have a little fun, meet some new people! see ya there....shshshshshsh!!!!" -- The Quiet Party homepage



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