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Standing up and pedaling my bicycle through an intersection, I glance ahead and to the right -- there is a person sitting on the grass in a yard. He or she has long wavy blond hair, and is wearing sunglasses.

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(miss-uh-jen-nay'-shun) n. the interbreeding of different races or of persons of different racial backgrounds 2.cohabitation, sexual relations, or marriage involving persons of different races 3. a mixture or hybridization

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Horsey :(

All the characters
pronounced sorry as sorey,
over and over.

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Escape from New York

A terrorist on a suicide mission hijacks an airplane and bolts the cockpit door. Below, an armed soldier watches in shock as the huge jet plane, flying low, heads for a deliberate crash landing, pointed straight at the World Trade Center. After that crash, another criminal in another plane flies directly towards the WTC towers, onto which he crash-lands. No, I'm not talking about 9/11, I'm describing some of the most surreal scenes in this now painfully-dated sci-fi classic in which Manhattan was turned into a giant Alcatraz. Made in 1982 and set in 1997, this movie is yet another great thing that was ruined for us by the terrorists of 2001.

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The Real Mach 5

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Big Nate

"An inside look at a group of people that, in my opinion, are living the ideal life. To me, Wunderland is a weekly reminder that it is possible to do what you love and still make a living." -- one of the descriptions of this website we received in response to a recent survey

Thursday, September 26, 2002
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? From Shifty to MicroFluxx

On Monday, I got really angry. We got email from an alert fan informing us of a new game for the Palm that had just been made available as a freeware download. "It seems very much like Fluxx from the description," we were told. Curious, I pulled up the webpage and was shocked to see that "Fluxx-like" was an understatement... this game WAS Fluxx, implemented almost completely, using tiny little graphical cards. The only difference was that this game was called "Shifty" and was apparently created by a company called No Sleep software. It was my game, with a different name, and I was being given absolutely no credit.

Needless to say, I was livid. I fired off the first of several angry emails to NoSleep, who quickly apologized and explained their confused notions of intellectual property. Being from a world where programmers constantly re-implement classic games under different names, they seemed to believe that trademark law was all that really mattered. By changing the name "to avoid trademark issues" they apparently believed they were doing nothing wrong.

After freaking and shrieking for a bit, we calmed down and decided that as long as they gave us credit and changed the name to something that indicated this was based on Fluxx, we didn't really object to letting Palm users have a free downloadable version of Fluxx. After all, it might help sell more decks. So, after some hasty consideration, we settled on MicroFluxx as the new name for "Shifty". And I have to say, having now played it more than a few times, it is pretty cool. (Hey, does anyone have an old Palm we could adopt or buy real cheap?)

The whole incident reminded us that we really need to set forth our policy on this sort of thing. So, we quickly crafted and drafted an Official Policy on Electronic Versions of Looney Labs Games, which we posted on our new Arcade page, where links to Electronic Versions of our games will accumulate. Check it out if you want to know more...

If you read last week's update, you'll remember that we chose Alex Bradley to do the art for the Zendo gamebox; here we see his latest work-in-progress, which has come a long way from the sketch we put up last week. Cool, huh?

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the story so far

Thought Residue
Fluxx has been picked up by Borders! Kristin (and more recently, Alvaro) has been trying to get this account for a really long time, so even though they're initially only going to stock it in 50 of their 400 stores, we're psyched. In fact, soon we'll be announcing a special promo we're planning for the occassion!
"Your enthusiasm inspires people." -- fortune cookie message I just got and really liked
"Federal drug policy now lies in the hands of those who might best be described as the John Birchers of the drug war. Today's drug war politicians are out of step with the public, but they don't care. They're on their own crusade, one in which marijuana is as sinful as miscegenation was to the Southern racists." -- Ethan Nadelmann


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