• On this page are some of the first quotes we got from our customers about Fluxx (circa 1999)...
  • After this we started the Testimonial of the Week!

"Now almost every day our lunch must compete with paper Icehouse pyramids and Fluxx cards for restaurant table real estate, as we all enjoy these games immensely, and cart them around everywhere, like the folks in 'Empty City'. Good job!" - Jason, Waterville, ME

"The story of how I found out about you and your games is a story of love across the Atlantic Ocean: Two people found each other on the World Wide Web [and] fell in love... A love so deep that the girl living in the United States decided to leave her home country and go to her love in Sweden. This woman looked around at her possessions chosing carefully what parts of her home-country she couldn't live without in this strange new country. The easy part [was] the card games, Fluxx and Aquarius, essential for any party. When Lisa and her games had made it across the Atlantic ocean, the games were played at a birthday party, where some guests asked 'Where can I get these games? Are they for sale on the net?' Finding your site was not easy for me, but for Lisa and Levitte who searched the world to find each other, it was a piece of cake." - Marcus, Stockholm, Sweden

"Both games [Aquarius & Fluxx] are truly engaging. Each has the element of surprise where anyone can win with the pick of a card. Aquarius is colorful, easy enough for young children, yet it kept three adults on the edge of their seats. Fluxx has many levels of constantly changing play that takes a greater investment to learn but has a more complex array of surprises. Not unlike life these days. Keep up the great work." -- John, Hampden, MA

A friend had FLUXX and my 6 year old was completely hooked in two hands. It took him a few more games to be able to recognize all the cards (he can't read that well yet, so has to sort of memorize each type of card) but now he beats us regularly. We haven't stopped playing it in days... (Joanne - Newton , MA)

I played Aquarius on a long bus ride from Prague to Vienna. It was great fun. (I couldn't get over what a 12-stepper, spiritual game it was!! I look forward to introducing it to my kids and extended family. Nice job!! (Kathryn - Vienna, VA)

I love Fluxx. It's just the best darned card game I've played. (Rolfe - Albuquerque, NM)

i played fluxx once and was hooked. i had to buy it. (josh - raleigh, NC)

A friend showed me Aquarius, and I think it's the coolest game I've seen in a long time. (Thomas - Tupelo, MS)

Spent July 4 weekend in Toronto with some friends who had Fluxx and just got hooked. (Stephen - Farrell, PA)

Bought Fluxx and Aquarius at GenCon, love to play, buying more for gifts. (Jeff - Minneapolis, MN)

I'm particularly enchanted with Fluxx, and will be giving copies away for Xmas presents. (Robert - Aberdeen, NJ)

Fluxx is sooooo much fun! (Roman - Chicago, IL)

Searched online for the card game Fluxx after enjoying it at a party! (Heather - Washington, PA)

Been a long term fan since Icehouse days. Early Fluxx adopter and now an Aquarius booster! (Howard - Allston, ma)

Love Fluxx & Aquarius... sending a copy to niece in sweden and replacing old battered copy. (Brian - Ann Arbor, MI)

I had played Aquarius with my sister-in-law this summer and desperately have tried to find you all ever since! We had a 3-way tie to see who went first among Wendy, her husband, and me - we all have mid-back length hair. (BethAnne - Santa Monica, CA)

One of my friends told me about this really neat card game called Fluxx -- so I started searching the Web for it, (Martha - Hartsdale, NY)

If the Berkeley Area Gaming Roto-Salon were to have an official game, Fluxx would be it. It may take us three quarters of an hour to agree what food to order, but we can whip up a game of Fluxx in a New York Minute! -Eric (Albany, CA)



A friend played Fluxx with us, and instantly it became clear that we needed to give many many copies for the holidays. (Daniel - Ithaca, NY)

I have Played Fluxx once at a party. Cool Game! (Phillip - Hendersonville, TN)

I want to use this [Fluxx] as a teaching device for the impact of change in my Master's defense. (Marie - Mountlake Terrace, WA)

Hurrah for you and your biz! I'm a fan of capitalism and technology bringing good things to the masses while providing an enjoyable living for the clever, the creative, the bold, and the lucky! (David - Harrisburg, PA)

I started playing Aquarius and thought, gees i want more stuff from Looney Labs. I love the web site, I love the products, I just need more money to buy everything! (Carol - Perth Amboy, NJ)

Played the game Fluxx with relatives and NEEDED to buy it for ourselves! (David - Bethesda, MD)

I played Fluxx at the Hacker's Conference. I was hooked. (Mark - Mountain View, CA)

Played one game of Fluxx and knew I had to have it. Trekked all over town to various and sundry comic book stores and game shops and every one was sold out! Went home and looked you via the web. (Tina - Pittsburgh, PA)

Everybody I play it with wants a copy of the game. (Kathy - College Station, TX)

Ran into someone carrying a Fluxx deck whilst visiting California, played it, loved it, searched for 'Fluxx' on Altavista when I got back to the UK and here I am now :) (Mark - London, England)

A friend brought Fluxx to our games club meetings, and it was too fun. I had to have it for myself. (Bethany - Alameda, CA)

Fluxx and Aquarius rule! Keep up the good work! (Eric - Ames, IA)

I work for a day care program that is run in the elementary schools of the North Penn School District. At my school, Fluxx has become an epidemic. (William - Lansdale, PA)

A friend bought Fluxx at a convention, and I HAD to get my own copy! (Brian - Auburn, WA)

I was introduced to FLUXX at a game day hosted by some friends. I bought a deck for myself - very contagious game! (Karen - Ashburn, VA)

Went to a co-worker's party and they had this game and were playing it. We are going through withdrawls!! (Careyann - Lakewood, Co)

I attended Mensa Mind Games and absolutely LOVED Fluxx!! (I really liked Aquarius too, and selected it as my free gift for hauling out to Seattle...) (Bonnie - Tampa, FL)

I love the website! Great use of the technology. If only more people put this kind of quality content on the web. (Brian - Ypsilanti, MI)

This place is great. It's got stuff for everyone (except maybe stuffed-shirts, and what are they doing at a webside called Wunderland, anyway?)" (JazzFish - Blacksburg, VA)

I LUV WUNDERLAND! (Patricia - Bloomsburg, PA)

I introduced three branches of my family to Aquarius over the Thanksgiving weekend. We had kids ranging in age from 6 to 15 playing at the same time as adults, and it was a lot of fun. (Kathryn - Vienna, VA)

love fluxx and want to pick up extras for xmas (Marcia - New York, NY)

A friend brought the game to a weekend gathering at the cottage. ...and we had a good time with it! (Suzanne - Bethesda, MD)

I cannot overstate how incredible this site is. Check out the game designs. Read the cool elliptical comic. Look at the pictures of Rubik's Cube art and roller coasters. Buy a stuffed broccoli. Seize the time. Just do it. Et cetera. (Mike Sugarbaker's list of the Top 50 Things)

Your webite is excellent. It's very easy to find information on it and the layout is done well. I like to check into products before I buy them and there was plenty available for Fluxx. The reviews convinced me to buy the game! (Andrew - White Bear Lake, MN)

I cannot wait to get my copy! We are homeschoolers, and this will be our "lesson plan" for the next week or so! (Katje - Davis, CA)

I played Fluxx once and had to have my own copy, so I searched for Fluxx on the net. (Linda - Troy, MI)

This game kicks ass! (Andrew - Jenkintown, PA)

We love FLUXX! We can't wait to get Aquarius! You folks rock! (Jaqueline - Albuquerque, NM)

I have really enjoyed playing Fluxx. It's a great game. The local game store had run out and on an off chance I tried the word Fluxx in a browser and found your site. I am glad it is here. (Terry - Sterling, VA )

My kids love it. (Yehudit - Efrat, 90435)

I played Fluxx at a friend's house earlier this week and it was so much fun that I had to get the game myself. (Jennifer - Charlotte, NC)

A friend brought back Fluxx from Origins, and it was so much fun that I had to buy a copy for myself. (Rich - Green Harbor, MA)

I am really enjoying The Empty City and Iceland. You guys are great! (Jeff - South Bend, IN)

After being innundated by friends who have become addicted to Fluxx, I figured I might as well succumb too. (Steven - Richmond, CA)

While we were away in Oregon, we had one of the girls from church feed our cats and hang out at the house. As an experiment I left a deck of Aquarius cards sitting on our dining room table (with no explanation). She liked the game so much that she took it away to college and sent us an apology note offering to return the game. We told her to keep it. I wouldn't be surprised if you get some orders from Savannah soon. (Dave - Bowie, MD)

My sister introduced me to Fluxx at Christmas. I have to have it for New Year's Eve! (Ruth - Alameda, CA)

Love the art on your products! (William - Mount Verson, NY)

I'm addicted! (Marc - Newton, MA)

I'm writing to let you all know how much we love Aquarius. We spent a few days camping (with family) and the game was a real hit. Each morning, as we sat around discussing what we planned to do that day, the kids would all remind us that we had to play Aquarius again that night. When we left, we had to pry their fingers from the box to get the game back. My significant other, Russ, has a son who is very hard to entertain. An example of daily life with this child... "Well, you're bored. What would you like to do?" "Practically nothing." Now the answer is, "Play Aquarius!!" He's eleven, and for the first time in three years he's shown an interest in something! Of course, most of our adult friends are just as hooked. To think, I spent my last ten dollars of 'con' money (Origins) to get this game... BEST MONEY I'VE EVER SPENT ON ANY GAME!!!!!! (Ruth Young)

The coolest game I've seen in a long time! (Thomas - Tupelo, MS)

I find this site and it makes me HAPPY! (Hitoshi - Hokkaido, Japan)

Very nice site. Graphics are really pretty, and your making me guilty about cutting my really long hair (now it's just long - halfway to elbows). Used to be past my waist. But I still go first in the Aquarius game ;) (Wendy - Rahway, NJ)

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