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The Wunderland Toast Society (WTS) is a pseudo-secret society whose members have home pages here at Wunderland.Com. They are also all close friends of Kristin and Andy Looney, aka Looney Labs. The cool content you'll find here at wunderland.com was created by the members of this community of friends. You can review a text index of the membership, or continue through this narrative to get a better sense of who's who. To sort through our content by topic, check out The Guide or use our Search Engine.

Regular Contributors

Kristin and Andy Looney created the lion's share of the content at this site. Andy writes the news update each week, as well as many of the featurettes: The Empty City (now complete), Sketchbook Harvest, Nanofiction, Iceland, and Thought Residue. He also helps Daddy-O and Tirade with their picks. Kristin's site is small, but her creative influence and editing ideas touch most of what Andy publishes. The cool word each week is brought to you by Alison Frane. Her site is new, but rapidly expanding, and as a member of our household at Wunderland.Earth, her creative influences are beginning to be felt throughout the entire site.

Ginohn (aka John Cooper and Gina Mai Denn) are by far the next largest contributors of content. You can spend a lot of time lost in their pages... and it's well worth the visit. John is the man behind the wacky Four:Eleven featurette, Gina has spent quite a lot of time in front of Andy's camera, and together they write the Haiku Movie Reviews, and tons of other stuff, too. Be sure to check out the Ginohn News, which is updated almost every day.

Three other members provide new content on a weekly or even daily basis: Andy's brother Rash keeps a daily journal called Rash Journal, and Charles Dickson (aka Number 12) makes a point of putting up something new every Thursday (of late it's been Nanofics).

Occasional Contributors

Most of the Toasters have cool stuff on their home pages but don't make changes to it all that often. Here's an overview of who they are and what you'll find at their sites.

  • Kory Heath has created Pantopia and Javaquarius (so far)
  • Ember (aka Marlene Bruce) makes web pages for a living, so her site has a professional web designer's slant to it, with developer's tips and info on internet hoaxes
  • CZ has put up all sorts of keen stuff, including stereoscopic scenes, strange foodstuffs, roadside attractions, and Flying Eyes
  • Meg Naab provides some family history and a delightful page all about herself
  • Robin's World has lots of stuff to see, including photo album's from the annual Pirate Feast
  • Jake Davenport has numerous pages dedicated to Games and Art, including a wonderful melding of the two he created: Rubik's Cube Art
  • Chort (aka John Montrie) hosts the official site for his game Super Nova as well as lots of stuff about Historical Reenactment
  • Michelle Troeltzsch loves cats and doing things outdoors and just had a beautiful baby girl!
  • Renee Camus is a dancer with pages about her personal and professional life
  • Keith Baker is a writer and game designer with close ties to a cow named Bossy
  • Ellen Baker is a social worker and scrabble champion who is known far and wide for her jambalaya
  • Dan Russett's pages feature Robot Wars, Writings, and an throbbing, itching Brain.

Cool Sites That Live Elsewhere

These friends are members of the WTS, but their web sites live outside our server. Nevertheless, Greykell, Heidi, and Leah have cool stuff on their sites, so you should go visit them.
Zarf (aka Andrew Plotkin), Elliott "Eeyore" Evans, Dan Efran, and 'Becca Stallings constitute our Pittsburgh office.

Friends Who Might Build Sites Someday

Dawn, Angie, Leslie, Joe, and Rob are all Toasters too, but they haven't done very much with their pages as yet. One of these days, they will hopefully be bitten by the web-page building bug and you'll be able to experience their windows on the world.

Friends We've Lost Track Of

Of course, as is always the case, we've fallen out of touch with some of our friends. But perhaps through the Milk Carton page some of those lost friendships will be rediscovered.


Last update: Sept 16 1999

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