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writhen (rye'-then (soft th, as in then)) adj. being twisted or contorted. [directly from Middle English (it's also a root of writhe) akin to Old Norse ritha "to twist," akin to Old English wrigian "to turn," akin to Middle High German rigel "kerchief wound around the head," akin to Greek rhoikos "crooked."] whew!
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Army of Darkness :)

A horror movie
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"I was lucky enough to play several games with the Looneys at a recent convention (Lollagazebo in Edison, NJ, in the winter of 2003, for those of you scoring at home). Andy Looney is very strange to play with, as he despises downtime. My first game of Volcano was against Marlene and Alison (two very nice people from Looney Labs), along with Andy; at the same time, Andy was playing games of Cosmic Coasters and Homeworlds. At one point in the evening, Andy surveyed three games on the table in order, saying, 'It's not my turn in this game. It's not my turn in this game. It's not my turn in this game. It's not my turn in any game.' The next day, I was lucky enough to play a game of Nanofictionary with Andy, Alison, and another conventiongoer, using the Looneys' personal deck. It's twice the size of a regular Nanofictionary deck, because it's jammed full of custom cards that they've come up with since the game's release. It was very strange, seeing Nanofictionary cards drawn with marker mixed with the 'official' printed cards... and both sets of cards had the same style of artwork! Needless to say, both games were lots of fun." -- Gil Hova's comments in a BoardGameGeek.com "geeklist" entitled "Games you've played with the designer(s)"


Thursday, November 4th, 2004
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Alison Bought a Prius!

The buzz around here this week, besides assembling Experiment Kits (and bumming about the election) is that Alison bought a brand new car! And it's a really cool one - a Toyota Prius, a hybrid-electric that gets over 50 miles to the gallon! And it's a sleek, black car, with built-in computers, an energy-capture and re-use system, psychic door locks & ignition sensors, and a food replicator! We're calling it the spaceship for now, as Alison contemplates an official name selection. (Current top candidates are Penny (short for Penelope) or perhaps Prisicilla. Suggestions?)

As you can see in the secondary photo below, the Prius has excellent cargo space. Alison has already put it to the test, hauling a load of card games and Icehouse sets down to our warehouse in Lorton, and the new car will clearly meet all our needs of this sort until next spring (i.e. the start of the next trade show season).

With the Prius now being the obvious flagship of the Wunderland fleet, the question is begged: which of our klunky old cars are we now going to get rid of? Having lost Bertha the van last August, we're down to a pair of small cars which Kristin and I each bought back in the eighties when we were single and just knew each other as co-workers at NASA. Obviously, all errands from now on will want to be done in the Prius, with one extra car for backup being all we could possibly need right now (and certainly all we should bother paying to insure) so the time has come for us to get rid of one of our eighties-era hatchbacks. So which is it to be? Max, my purple '87 Dodge Omni, or Waldo, Kristin's '88 Chevy Nova?

Kristin reveals the answer to this question in the photo above: we're going to keep the one she's sitting on the hood of, Waldo, and we're planning to part with the dimly visible purple Max. Although Max has been a great car, there's no denying he's in worse shape mechanically than Waldo, and while I'm comfortable driving either car, Kristin has never liked driving Max. So while in spirit I'm sitting on the hood of my purple car in the photo above (and I suppose we could always photoshop me in), I've agreed to get rid of Max.

Some while ago I mentioned on my eBay archive pages that I was thinking of selling off my purple car, but not unsurprisingly, no one expressed any interest. I can't really see the point of offering it on eBay if it seems clear no one will bid on it, so unless I hear otherwise fast, I'm thinking we'll give it to one of those organizations that accept donated used cars with proceeds going to a charity.

AndyHere's To Being Alive!


Thought Residue
Alison went in for Jury Duty yesterday, and got sent home early because the courthouse building BURNED DOWN! (She says jury duty was pretty dull until the fire started, and that she had nothing to do with it.)


I tinkered up a fast and easy single-stash Icehouse game this week, and I think it's pretty good! But I'm not posting the rules nor any other details about it until after December 3rd... I don't want to distract from the judging of the 6 new games now being considered in the 2nd Ice Games Design Competition. If you're up for learning some new Icehouse games, try those! (I'm also alpha testing an all-new card game, but that's another story.)
Having recently switched from drinking a lot of Coke to drinking a lot of Diet Coke, in both cases from a glass with ice, I have developed a theory: Diet Coke melts ice faster than regular Coke. Testing and explaining this hypothesis would make a great science fair project if I'm right... but then again, I might be wrong. I guess I should do an experiment...




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