Games made by Looney Labs...

Fluxx: The card game with ever-changing rules.
Also available: Fluxx Blanxx - A customizable expansion pack for Fluxx!

Chrononauts: The card game of time travel.
Also available: Lost Identities Booster - An identity card expansion pack for Chrononauts!

Nanofictionary: The card game of telling tiny stories.
Also available: NanoBlanks - A customizable expansion pack for Nanofictionary!

Icehouse: Colorful pyramids you can play cool games with (see the partial list of games below).
Also available: Playing with Pyramids - 12 of the best Icehouse games collected in one book!

Zendo: The Icehouse game with the Buddha Nature.
Comes with ICE-7: cards with summarized rules to seven Icehouse games, playable with the included Icehouse pieces.

IceTowers: Can you control the most valuable towers?
Comes with ICE-7: cards with summarized rules to seven Icehouse games, playable with the included Icehouse pieces.

Are You a Werewolf?: A game of deception, paranoia, and mob rule.

Aquarius: The card game of elemental connections.

Cosmic Coasters: The teleportation combat game.

Proton: The retro-futuristic, self-contained, abstract strategy pocket-board-game for 1 or 2 players.

Q-Turn: The little wooden nickel game

53 Spades: A standard deck of playing cards with an ace of spades on the back.

 Some of the 100+ games you can play with ICEHOUSE pieces:

Martian Chess
Martian Go
Martian Frisby
Martian Race

Games you can play from Wunderland for free:

Javaquarius: An online Java version of our colorful card game, Aquarius.

Icebreaker: This videogame is out of print now, but you can still download the free 5 level version.

Coosner: A bidding-style card game, played with regular playing cards, where the cards designate bids for tricks.

Monochrome Chess: A wacky chess variation (you'll need two matching chess sets for this one).

Monkey Powder: If you own the card game Frog Juice, here's a different game you can play with the cards.

Temple: Our version of the card game that the Great Dalmuti was based on. Uses a normal deck of cards.

Rubik's Cube: Our page about the cube that changed Kristin's life.

Milken: Another game played with regular cards that represents, in a very loose abstract way, a market war.

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