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I'm holding a hand of cards, waiting for my turn, and absently looking out of the New Deal Cafe's picture window at a short red haired woman with strong white legs. She straightens a very short, navy blue skirt, then adjusts her bright green shirt, and walks out of view.

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hoyden (hoy'-den) n. a girl or woman of saucy, boisterous or carefree behavior

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Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
On the face of it, this is a really bad movie, and actually, it is a really bad movie. A couple of airheads who are flunking out of high school are given a time machine by a dude from the future so they can pass a history test and thus go on to fulfill their important destinies as world-changing rock stars. So they use the time machine to bring various historical personalities to a modern school auditorium in California, where they all perform a show for the enraptured student body. OK, it's not much better than it sounds. Even so, there are a few chuckles, and more importantly, the time travel is nicely thought out, featuring excellent Future Self encounters and clever fourth dimensional solutions to common adventure story problems, like making a mental note to return, in the future, to deposit a badly needed item right when and where they need it in the present. Plus George Carlin is great as their most excellent guide from the future.

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Betty Bowers is a Better Christian Than You

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"Fluxx is pretty kickass when stoned." -- Aimee the Magdalene, on

Thursday, April 26, 2001
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? We Finally Got Into the GameKeeper!

We're having a great week. Years of yearning and ten months of Kristin's concerted efforts have finally borne fruit, and if the follow-through is as good as the initial pay-off, we may come to regard this as a real turning point on our road to success. Today, we shipped out our biggest order ever, to a major new account: the GameKeeper, a chain of nearly 100 mall stores located in shopping centers all over the country! Here we see our usual FedEx Ground pick up guy, Dale, as he transfers an amazing 600 pounds worth of Fluxx and Chrononauts from our van to his truck, for shipment to the GameKeeper. (Yes, we still really need to get our fulfillment outsourced!)

Getting into the GameKeepr (which is actually now owned by Wizards of the Coast and even called that in some places) is something Kristin's been trying to do for a long time... but it's not easy to convince a big chain of stores to carry something new from a small company like us when they only want sure sellers. However, demand for our two hit products has grown so strong, with customers asking for these items by name, as to finally get our foot in the door. Once there, we hope and expect our items to sell quickly, given how well their reputation has proceeded them. (Of course, anything our Rabbits can do to help assure this would be greatly appreciated...)

This dramatic change in accounts receivable, along with the changing of the seasons and the crushing weight of our current workload, has convinced us that we really need to hire some help. Of course, cash flow is still very tight, but we figure we can at least afford a few months of part-time pay for a college student looking for a fun and different summer job. Hopefully we can even find someone who's majoring in business or marketing, living nearby, with a love of games, similar political viewpoints, and plenty of energy and enthusiasm. I wonder how many resumes we'll get after we place an ad in the Diamondback (our local college's newspaper)...

What you see here is Alison shoveling several hundred pounds of mulch into a structure she designed for the growing of potatoes. Having successfully conquered our yard, she's asked our neighbor if she can use a section of his yard for some additional gardening space, and he's cool with it, so having gained an inch Alison immediately built a 20 foot long planting zone. It's like she's started playing the Farming Game in real life. She is, shall we say, digging it. Meanwhile, in other news:

  • Kristin was contracted to make a run of 24 identical customized Rubik's Cubes for a giant scavenger hunt puzzle event thing being run somewhere in California. In doing so, she's finally worked out the process and cost accounting, so that she can offer creation of more such stickers, or even fully built custom cubes, for anyone willing to pay the rather exorbitant manpower costs. Check our her updated Custom Cube pages for more.
  • Secret Project 45-NF is developing nicely. Though the basic constructs have proven sound, the ruleset continues to evolve as we playtest it, improving with every game. But hey, that's how this process works...
  • The Lost Identities Nanofiction Writing Contest has garnered 12 entries thus far, and several of them are pretty darned good! Keep 'em coming!
  • Despite meeting their deadlines with properly filled paperwork, none of our Big Experiment events were listed in the recently mailed Origins pre-event program book. Grrr!!! Go to Liam's page for the schedule of Looney Labs events at Origins.

Earlier in the week, we went downtown to attend the NORML 2001 annual conference, and it was without a doubt the best one ever. Our movement is rapidly gaining steam, and we are seeing marijuana prohibition crumble before our very eyes. We've only been attending these conferences for three years now, but in that time, we've seen some amazing things. We've seen Medical and Industrial use voter initiatives win, one after another, by wide margins. We've seen an election where both candidates were former drug users and no one ever brought up the subject. We've seen a shift in the popular culture, with prohibition-challenging movies like "Traffic" receiving critical acclaim instead of censorship. Other countries, including Canada, are in the process of legalizing or decriminalizing cannabis, even though the press in our country typically ignores such news. Prominent politicians, like congressman Barney Frank and New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, are speaking out on this issue, even to the point of attending this conference. Related issues like prison over-crowding, racial profiling, and invasion of privacy are now being widely discussed, even as the broader issue that connects them all is still a difficult question to broach. The public now overwhelmingly agrees that the war on drugs is a failure. What they aren't sure about is what to do instead. But one thing is clear: things are changing faster than most people realize.Andy

Let Freedom Grow,

the story so farNew Iceland cartoon

Thought Residue

What more proof do you need that drug prohibition is the work of Satan than for a plane filled with Christian missionaries to be shot down by an "anti-drug" fighter plane? And would this story have gotten any press attention if the civilians murdered had been ordinary drug dealers?

"The thing that struck me was that this whole scare story was a lie. I had been brought up believing lies. It was like when I found out that Santa Claus didn't exist. My God, that meant that the tooth fairy didn't exist! And neither did the Easter Bunny! This was kind of the same thing. I thought 'Gee, this is all a lie!'" -- New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson addressing the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), as reported in the Washington Post, 4/20/1

"I have nothing to add. I just like saying "the player who has sex on the table wins.'" -- Andrew J. Petrarca, on the Fluxx mailing list, in a discussion of new Keeper and Goal ideas

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