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Reading a department email: 'Due to State Dept. travel warning, NASA headquarters, Office of External Relations and Program Offices has recommended that all travel to Israel be denied until further notice.'

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quale (kwayl) n. 1: a property (redness, for example) considered apart from things having the property; a universal 2: a property as it is experienced as distinct from any source it might have in a physical object

Haiku Reviews

Practical Magic :)
Can't say anything
negative, because a witch
loaned us the movie.

Daddy-O's Reviews

I missed out on the first season of Survivor... I didn't really become aware of it until it was nearly over, and by then it was too late to get caught up in the drama. But I was impressed enough by what I saw and heard to tune in for the start of the second season, and I'm hooked! But my question is, what kind of rewards do they give to the cameramen and crew who endure the same harsh climate in order to film and set up challenges for the survivors? (Well, I suppose they get to eat...) [Hmm, maybe I should rename this "Daddy-O's Media Reviews"...]

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Donate Free Mammograms
#12's Webcomic picks

"[Cosmic Coasters] is a very nifty game, and I hope to play it again soon! One thing in particular I really like about it is that there's no hidden information, and yet it's not deterministic like Chess. You can see at a glance what position you're in, and you feel like you've earned a victory, but it doesn't 'prove that you're smarter' the way Chess victories do." -- Bob Galloway, on the Rabbits mailing list

Thursday, February 1, 2001
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Kristin Goes To Madison

Although there's a lot of talk these days about the possibility of a recession, here at Looney Labs, business is booming. It's gotten to the point where just filling the orders is taking up a big percentage of our time. We're not too keen on setting up a warehouse and hiring people to run it when businesses exist simply to warehouse and ship out other company's products, so we've been looking into farming this work out.

So earlier this week, Kristin drove down south for a few days to Madison, North Carolina, to visit one of these order fulfillment houses. This particular company comes with a very nice sales guy who has been actively going after our business, and for awhile now we've been talking seriously with them about how this whole thing would work. Basically, this is a new division of a well-established transportation company, who are now setting up a fulfillment house in the Middle Of Nowhere, NC... conveniently close to a UPS hub. And they've got some very cool new web-based software for tracking order processing with real-time inventory control.

Although Kristin had not yet even started looking into what other options might exist, this all sounded very promising, and since they also do product assembly work, and we needed someone to assemble the new run of Cosmic Coasters, we decided to turn the necessary trip down to visit the warehouse into a productive test of their assembly, warehousing and shipping services. And although she left without signing a long term contract with them yet, it was an excellent visit, and she thinks there is a very good chance that this first option may be the one we go with. Even so, such decisions shouldn't be made too hastily, so she resisted their sales guy's attempts to close the deal and came home to discuss it with me and Alison. We need to look around a bit... does anyone have a fulfillment company to recommend?

So it was an excellent first visit: almost a thousand copies of Cosmic Coasters have already been shipped out to our major distributors, so it looks like we're on for our Feb. 15th in-store product release!

Since I've been craving some quality time in my Fortress of Solitude, Alison also made herself scarce during Kristin's time away. She went over to Janet's for a couple of nights, and they had a great time staying up late, making pasta and doing henna tattoos.

Then, with the house all to myself for a change, I took the opportunity to really tidy up, after which, with Order fully restored, I made a new insurance video. This is something I've been needing to do for ages, but the recent fire at toK's made this task feel particularly urgent, and I'm glad to have it finished. (Here's my advice for making an insurance video: skip the witty commentary. Don't try to ad-lib additional information for the footage you are shooting of your stuff; it doesn't age well and the task detracts from the real point, namely getting good visuals. So instead of narrating as you film, just stay silent.)

AndyLet Freedom Grow,

the story so far

Thought Residue
Kristin slipped on the stairs while she was carrying her iBook, and it flew out of her hands and tumbled down the stairs! Amazingly, it seems completely unharmed. Good thing it was fully closed and shut down (and that we have carpeted stairs...)
I know two people who I think would do really well on Survivor: Chris Welsh and Alison Frane. I wonder which of the two would be the first voted out?
"In our society today, much of our drug policy is based on misleading and even patently false information about illegal drugs, the physical and psychological effects of illegal drugs and the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of current drug policies. Even more disturbing, the advisory group determined that false information frequently comes from sources that we expect to be reliable, including our own federal government." -- Advisory Committee Chair (and retired state judge) Woody Smith, in a transmittal letter accompanying New Mexico's Drug Policy Advisory Group's recommendation to decriminalize marijuana

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