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The Cubes

The Cubes

The Money cube Kristin January 1998
Aquarius Kristin January 1998
Loneg Hair Photos Kristin January 1998
Labyrinth Andrew Plotkin February 1998
Colorspace Andrew Plotkin February 1998
Necker Cubes Andrew Plotkin February 1998

So I built the technology in 1998, and for a few months Zarf and I designed a bunch of really cool custom cubes. (Click on any cube for a larger image.)

And then for the next three years I said no to everyone who wrote to me asking if I could make them a custom cube. I just didn't have the time to deal with it - since what was really needed was a good template that could be dowloaded and sent back to me with the artwork all ready to print - and I had no idea what to charge for one, since I had never kept track of how long it takes to make one.

But finally, in early 2001, someone came to me with a cool enough idea that I decided to make the time. They needed 18 identical custom cubes for a node of a giant scavenger puzzle hunt they were running out in San Francisco. What did I learn? That I never want to make 24 sets of custom cube stickers in one sitting ever again. Yowza that was a lot of work. I'm no longer making these really cool cubes for many reasons, one of them being that I no longer own the huge steel industrial paper cutter that's crucial to the process.

If you are looking for custom cubes: Please give Jeff Hubar a call at The Print Box (212-741-1381) or visit him online. He's a nice guy, and he says he will print anything on anything - including on Rubik's cubes. Please be sure to tell him that Kristin Looney sent you!

  - Kristin

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