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We're on the stage at the community center. Jenny's watching Kory as he crawls across a very large multi-color quilt, checking knots. She says, "That was in the disputed land." "Yep, that's what happens, that's what happens," he says, while Jenny continues: "The border zone."

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hubble-bubble (hub'-ul-bub'-ul) n. 1) a flurry or sound of activity; commotion 2) a water pipe

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Stand By Me
It's 1959 and a group of four adolescent boys are hiking along the railroad tracks, on a coming-of-age quest to go see a dead body. Well, it's better than it sounds. My favorite line in this film is "Come on guys, let's get moving! By the time we get there, the kid won't even be dead anymore!"

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"Well, Lewis, I'd have to say that it's a beautiful idea, just like everything the Looneys do. I've been FLUXX-minded since before I entered the industry, and thoroughly in love with every game they've done. Great People, Great Games." -- Rolfe Blythdon Bergstrom of Wargames West, commenting on the forthcoming product Fluxx Blanxx, at the Game Babe's Retreat forum on Delphi

Thursday, April 19, 2001
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Hidden Eggs and a New Secret

We're all tingling with excitement here at the lab because I have this week invented my fourth card game! It's fun and easy and zany and we're just thrilled about its potential. But of course, since it's brand new, we're not ready to officially announce it yet, which means for now I'll be referring to it only as Secret Project 45-NF. But since this game practically invented itself, I don't expect to keep the name secret for too long...

Like Fluxx (and unlike Chrononauts) the core ideas of this game came to me all at once. It happened very late Monday night, shortly after 4 o'clock in the morning. I'd just curled up in the forest with my writing computer, and was working on a new Nanofic when I had a flash of insight. I saw how my story could instead be adapted into a game, and within a week I was into my third major revision of the first complete prototype, feeling like the rules are already complete. Alison has already started drawing art for the cards, and Kristin has started talking about making this our big fall release...

Sunday was Easter, and as usual we had two heavy holiday dinners, first with my family, then with Kristin's. (Alison's family doesn't make a big deal about Easter.) At both family gatherings we chattered about life and ate way too much food, just like always... but this year, when it came time for the traditional easter egg hunt at the house of my childhood, we found ourselves with an unusual situation: a complete absence of children. Although my siblings and I are long since fully grown, grandchildren have been hunting chocolate eggs in our footsteps for nearly two decades. But Sarah's off at college now, the twins came down with colds, and Eric's visiting a friend in Connecticut.

However, a technical lack of juvenile participation wasn't going to keep us from going on a quest for chocolate. In fact, for years my brothers and I have been continuing to hunt eggs alongside the kids, though under heavy handicapping. Not only do the kids always get a head start, but since my brothers and I all have terrible eyesight, we also have to hunt sans eyeglasses, which does indeed make the event quite challenging for us.

Anyway, with no kids to offer Howard and I any competition, and with a lust of chocolate in his similarly short-sighted eyes, Dad doffed his glasses along with us and we all had a grand time bumbling about in the living room. First of course we had to wait on the steps outside, enjoying the fine spring air as Alison helped Mom hide the eggs (with Kristin taking up her usual position on the comfy green chair, becoming one of the many places for eggs to be hidden). Then, in we came, rushing about the room in search of brightly colored bits of foil, acting like kids and having a jolly time of it. Towards the end, even Kathi jumped in, adding eggs she found to Dad's haul and thus insuring his victory. (Like anyone who goes home with a bag of chocolate eggs is a loser...) It was a great time.

AndyHappy spring!

the story so far

Thought Residue

We're now sold out of several products, and we're just gonna be out of stock for awhile. We've run out of blank Fluxx cards, but Fluxx Blanxx is still on the Stove; we've finally sold out of the original printing of The Empty City, but the new Icehouse book series we'll be re-issuing it under is also still on the Stove; we've started rationing Nuclear War (the leftover Fluxx promo we have the fewest of); and we're so low on Aquarius decks now that we're turning away store requests, reserving the last few dozen for our direct customers, and I fear we'll run out completely before the next printing is completed. I wonder how long those Icehouse sets we built last weekend will last...

Question for any Californian Rabbits in the San Francisco area: What's going on between June 8-18th? That's right, Looney Labs will be in town, and we're looking for parties and gaming events to drop in on. We're starting to hammer out a tour schedule, and we need to know who's interested in hosting what when...

"Holy Cow! Once again I have to remember that you are a "Bolt From the Heavens" game designer, while I am an 'Old Guy Tinkering in the Back of a German Shoe Shop' game designer..." -- Kory's response when he heard I already had a prototype for the new game I'd just thought of

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