The Empty CitySketchbook Harvest by Andrew Looney

Every artist has a sketchbook which they doodle in. After a few years, you can accumulate quite a pile of them, and I've got sketchbooks on my bookshelf dating back to my first one from college. Sketchbooks are always fun to flip through, since you can find just about any image imaginable in the pages of a well-used doodlepad. So, I've been going through my old sketchbooks and harvesting the best, funniest, and most interesting sketches therein. But having posting a new one to this page each week for over two years, I've decided to stop, for awhile anyway.

The Interactive Literature Artwork Archive

The Diner Archive

The T-Shirt Design Archive

The Couldabeen Fluxx Keeper Art Archive

The Holiday Archive

The Poorly Drawn People Archive

The Atomic Archive

The Cartoons Archive

The "2001 BC: A Spam Oddesy" Archive

The Leftovers Archive

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