Looney Labs is going to be in San Francisco for 10 days in June!

... and we are looking for people to play games with!

  • at the back gaming tables of your game store
  • at your office, in the conference room over lunch or for happy hour
  • in your living room at a party with friends
  • with dessert at a beatnik cofeehouse
  • anyplace fun we can gather to play!

June 8th - 18th, 2001
San Francisco, California

If you would like to get on our schedule - please fill out this form!

A) Please give us a brief description of WHERE and with WHOM we will be playing.

B) What is your very first choice of WHEN your event would be scheduled?

C) What other time slots would be just about as good for you as your first choice?

D) What other time slots could you do if none of your above choices are available?

E) For those friends and family who can offer us lodging in your guest room, please let us know which evenings you would welcome our company. We will most likely impose on you just one night, two as an absolute max.

F) Contact Name:

G) Contact Email:

H) Contact Phone#: