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Thursday, January 22nd, 2004
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Playtesting EAC in Austin, TX

This weekend we went to Texas! The primary reason for the trip was to attend Kristin's nephew's Bar Mitzvah, but as long as we were flying down to Austin for the weekend, we decided to mix some business in with the family activities by visiting some game stores in the area. We ran official demo events at two stores: Great Hall Games and Dragon's Lair. Both went very well, and we had a great time meeting fans and making new friends!

I didn't take any pictures at Dustan's Bar Mitzvah... there were enough other photographers documenting the event that I didn't feel the need to bother. I also never got around to pulling out the camera during our visit to Great Hall Games. But here are a couple of photos from the Dragon's Lair demo, plus one from the big post-Bar Mitzvah party.

Sharp-eyed readers who've already heard about our plans for Early American Chrononauts will notice that we're using the new EAC timeline in these photos (you can tell because this new timeline only has 11 Linchpins). I playtested it several times at each of the 3 major events we went to in Austin, and I'm very pleased with the way it's been holding together thus far.

Who are the people in these photos? Good question! I'm sorry to say that I can't now remember the name of this guy with the big hair, reaching across the TimeLine, but since he was wearing a t-shirt that said "I Fight Like a Girl" I've been calling him Fights-Like-a-Girl. He's sitting next to Jonathan, and that pair you can see in the background, shown better in the photo below, are Valerie and Brandon. I've also forgotten the cat's name, but he's one of the cats who live at Dragon's Lair, both of whom were sweet, charming cats.

The picture below on the right is of Becca, Meredith, and Mikey, the same neighbors of Dustan's family whom we played Chrononauts with at his sister's Bat Mitzvah two years ago.

The day after we got back from Texas, I had to go down to the county courthouse for Jury Duty. But unlike last time, they didn't end up choosing me for any trials, so I got to go home early. Yay!

Anyway, it's been a very busy week and that's all I have time to say just now.

Have a great week!

PS: Sorry, no new Iceland... all my cartooning time this week was spent on this "Buy American" cartoon and Tirade's new endorsement above.

PPS: John Kerry for President!

the story so far

Thought Residue
"DON'T SAY ANYTHING YET" -- message on a piece of paper which Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, sitting behind the cameras, held up for President Bush to read as they all sat listening to Sandra Kay Daniels's second-grade classroom read a story about a goat on that "interesting day" of 9/11

"Doodles of Mass Destruction: According to the Washington Post, this is what our WMD hunt has turned up so far. They describe it as 'secret sketches for two illegal long-range missiles, one using two engines and one using five boosters.' I describe it as what third-graders draw in their notebooks during history class. I mean, come on - I've made better drawings with lipstick on a bar napkin at 3 a.m. But hey, when a smart guy like Dick Cheney looks at these doodles and sees a 'mortal threat,' who am I to judge?" -- Bill Maher's weblog, Jan 12, 2004
"Of course, U.S. companies have been moving jobs offshore for decades, long before Wal-Mart was a retailing power. But there is no question that the chain is helping accelerate the loss of American jobs to low-wage countries such as China." -- Charles Fishman, "The Wal-Mart You Don't Know"


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