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The Porcupan

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incarnadine ( in-car'-nuh-deen') adj. 1. of a fleshy pink color. 2: blood-red.

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Keaton makes faces,
Nicholson's himself again,
and Reeves still can't act.

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"The hardest thing I've always found when teaching Fluxx to anyone is the fact that most people don't believe me when I say 'everything you need to know is on the cards.' The card will tell you what to do and when to do it. Read all the text of the card... all the way down to the bottom. This is why most people don't believe me, because they usually haven't read all the way to the bottom of the card. This is exactly why I, as a teacher LOVE Fluxx! You know those silly tests some teachers give which are basically a 'test to see if you've read the directions' ...it usually starts with 'read all directions before you do anything' and ends with 'put your pencil down, don't mark anything on this page and look up.' Usually one or two students look up within 3 minutes, and the rest are working for 20 minutes, doing what the test says to do before reading all the way to the bottom first... with usually silly things like 'stand up and turn around three times, then check this box.' Fluxx helps reinforce that reading is a good thing and reading directions is a great thing." -- Carol Townsend on the Fluxx mailing list

Thursday, January 15th, 2004
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Origins Deadlines Already?!?

Check out this great picture of a gathering of Mad Lab Rabbits!

Getting everything together for the Origins pre-reg book (which will be going in March, and which therefore had publication deadlines that we had to meet this week) required figuring out the details of our schedule of events. A big thanks to Eeyore, Carol, Emily, Ryan, Josh, Chris, Steve, Craig, Tucker, Tim, Clark, Ross, Adam, Bob, Kory, toK, Eric, Dave, Dan, Dan, and in particular our Rabbit Coordinator Russell, for figuring out exactly what events we are going to run this year. We are still working on the list of who is going to run what - so if you still want to be part of this incredible team of rabbits that is helping us run Big Experiment #5 at Origins this summer - let Russell know you are interested!

Marlene put together a beautiful full-page ad of our schedule, punctuated with the adorable rabbit gathering you see above, which will run in both the pre-reg and onsite program books. Be sure to notice the new Mama Rabbit which Alison finished up and added into the mix this week. We also have the outside back cover of both books this year, and in light of what we decided last week (i.e. to declare that we'll have Early American Chrononauts finished and on-sale at Origins) we decided to devote our back cover pre-reg book ad (a half-page since the lower half is reserved for postage and addressee info) to a teaser for EAC.

The ad features early images of 3 cards, an Artifact (Negative-Calorie Pizza) and two Patches (1773' - the Boston Cake Riot and 1866' - South Wins Civil War). Incidentally, we got dozens of emails from people volunteering to playtest EAC, and I apologize for not writing back to any of them... but I'm happy to say that I'm making great progress on the design (I filled in the last gap on the TimeLine that was troubling me last night! yay!) and hopefully I'll have stuff for my eager playtesters to dig into soon.

Love, Peace, and Chocolate,

the story so far

Thought Residue
We were all deeply saddened this week to learn that a fan named Kerry Pearson (whom we knew as Lux Lucre) unexpectedly passed away. He built a bunch of Fluxx web-pages, and he was my age! Life is precious... cherish it!

"The Bush White House fought mightily against creating the Kean commission in the first place. When public pressure forced Congress to go ahead despite their objections, the White House did everything possible to throw nails in the road. ...they put the commission on a starvation budget. Then they fought attempts by the commission to see critical documents. Now they don't want to testify in public or under oath. Do you get the impression the administration has something to hide? Here's the most likely reason the administration is acting guilty: It *IS* guilty. When Chairman Kean says 9/11 could have been prevented, he's really indicting the White House and top administration officials for failing in the worst way possible...they didn't protect the American homeland." -- Joe Rothstein, "Why Is Bush And His National Security Team Acting So Guilty About 9/11?"
"This was the year when fakeness ruled: fake rationales for war, a fake President dressed as a fake soldier declaring a fake end to combat and then holding up a fake turkey. An action movie star became governor and the government started making its own action movies, casting real soldiers like Jessica Lynch as fake combat heroes and dressing up embedded journalists as fake soldiers. Saddam Hussein even got a part in the big show: He played himself being captured by American troops. This is the fake of the year, if you believe the Sunday Herald in Scotland, as well as several other news agencies, which reported that he was actually captured by a Kurdish special forces unit." -- Naomi Klein, "The Year of the Fake"


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