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Sorry, no Animeld this week... Alison's computer is broken.

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roundheel (rownd'-heel) n. a pushover.

I'm all out of questions!

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Aliens invade
but Mel Gibson repels them
with his life story.

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Missile Bases:
20th Century Castles

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Road Waffles II

"I just wanted to give a quick thanks to Looney Labs and all the Rabbits that worked at Origins. I had a whole mess of fun, much of which was due to their efforts. For those that did not attend, I have a couple photos of the Big Experiment at my web page."-- email from Brad Weier

Late Thursday, August 7th, 2003
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? IceSickle Good, Broken Stuff Bad

For starters, I'd like to apologize for the lateness of this update. We had a major computer failure (on Wednesday, of course) which made the delay unavoidable. The good new is, we didn't end up losing any data, since the "brain" of the broken iMac (i.e. its hard disk) has now been transplanted into a standalone hard drive enclosure. Our repair place is saying it'll take over a week to fix the computer itself, but now that we have that computer's brain in a jar, we can get back to work using other machines.

Anyway, we've been dealing with Broken Stuff all week. Our network was down for several days, as a result of power outages caused by finally replacing our aging fuseboxes with a big modern circuit breaker panel. Also, our freezer's ice-maker keeps leaking and leaving a puddle on the floor. Whine, whine, whine. How has your week been?

In more positive and exciting news, I've been working up the rules to Dan Isaac's great little Icehouse game, IceSickle, in the ICE-7 format:

Of course, it's too late now to include it in ICE-7, but this time we aren't planning on putting these rules onto a playing card (at least not soon). Instead, this game is going to be featured inside the next version of our catalog, on the page that explains the Icehouse system and asserts the pyramids can be used for many different games. What better proof of that than to actually show them a complete game, which they can play with just one stash of pyramids? Thanks again to Dan for coming up with such a clever little game, and for allowing us to use it to help promote Icehouse!

AndyHave a Great Week!

the story so far

Thought Residue
"We know you'll agree, when it comes to believing in your business' potential, we're second only to you." -- closing sentence of a letter inviting us to apply for a business loan, which we just got from the Vice President at the Business Loan Center of our Bank (yes, the same bank which has consistently been turning down our business loan requests)

"If the 28 pages were to be made public, I have no question that the entire relationship with Saudi Arabia would change overnight." -- an unnamed official quoted in The New Republic who has supposedly read the censored section (entitled "Certain Sensitive National Security Matters") of the report by the congressional committee investigating 9/11
"While the Bush Administration may think it can fight a war on terror and run an occupation of Iraq while also cutting taxes and continuing the drug-war imprisonment boom, states are dealing with a more bitter reality.  The Administration may want to devote resources to shutting down medical-marijuana buyers' clubs set up legally under new state laws, but states are no longer so enthusiastic.  They are realizing that their budgets, buffeted by declining tax revenues, simply can't support major domestic-security spending and, at the same time, continued high expenditures on drug-war policing and mass incarceration." -- Sasha Abramsky, "The Drug War Goes Up in Smoke"


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