7 Reference Cards for Icehouse Games

Free with purchase!

What is ICE-7?

It's a little packet of 10 reference cards for the Icehouse game system. 7 of the 10 cards contain rules reference cards for Icehouse games, while the other 3 feature other information relating to the pyramids.

What are the 7 games featured in ICE-7?

The 7 games of ICE-7 are:

  • Zendo
  • IceTowers
  • Icehouse
  • Volcano
  • Homeworlds
  • Tic Tac Doh!
  • Martian Chess

These 7 were selected because together they show the range of games you play with Icehouse pieces, because they are among the most popular Icehouse games at this time, and because they all have rules which are simple enough to be distilled down onto a playing card.

It's Free?

Yes, ICE-7 packets are intended to be given away FREE -- with the purchase of Icehouse Pieces. (ICE-7 is also included inside each Zendo box.)

I already bought pyramids... can I get a free pack of ICE-7 cards?

Yes, this deal works retroactively. The only hitch is, you have to pay the postage. But when next you buy something from our online store, just add a pack of ICE-7 cards to your order. We won't even make you prove you've already bought pyramids... we're ready to believe you.

The ICE-7 Misprint Advisory

Great though the ICE-7 packets are, there was a major screw-up in the first print run of the cards. Every 7th packet contains 2 cards with messed up backs. Fortunately, the faulty cards are among the 3 "extra info" cards and not on any of the 7 reference cards, but the mistakes may cause confusion nonetheless.

The cards that are wrong are the first two in the pack. The top card, the ICE-7 title card, should have an advertisement for Icehouse stuff on the back, with the title "Stuff You Need." The ones that are wrong have a redundant copy of the back of the Icehouse reference card. You can tell you have one of the misprints if your ICE-7 card says "Illegal Plays" at the top of side 2.

The other messed up card is the one with info about the website on one side and a chart of 13 other Icehouse games on the back. In the misprint copies, that chart has been replaced by the backside of the Martian Chess rules reference card.

Hopefully, all of this will be moot to you. As soon as we discovered the problem, we devised a way of determining if a packet is good or bad, and pulled all of the bad ones out of circulation. (Well, most of them anyway... one out of every 7 of the first 1000 Zendo sets will also contain a misprinted ICE-7 pack.)

Here's our method of checking for the misprint without opening the packet. It's simply a matter of taking a peak at the backside of the top card. Use your fingernail to pry the edge of the card up enough to glimpse the back, and look for the telltale word "Illegal" in the upper right hand corner.

This is a good one:

This is a bad one:
If you find you have a bad copy of ICE-7, please let us know and we'll replace it. We, and our card printer, apologize for any and all inconveniences.

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