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The Parafeet
Why Does Saving Lennon Stop Columbine?

"Ah, see we'd turn that way," Gina says, as we come to a stoplight. I say, "It's nine point four right now."

Cool Words

pleonasm (plee'-oh-naz-um) n. 1: redundance of words in speaking or writing; the use of more words than necessary in expressing ideas. 2: an instance of this. 3: the redundant word or expression.

Haiku Reviews

X2: X-Men United :)

Good comic book fun!
See the first one, though, you might
want a plot recap.

Tirade's Choice

Free Weed Club

Did Our Leaders Lie to Us? Do We Even Care?

"Great fun and has wonderful educational potential for English teachers to use in middle and secondary schools." -- comments about Nanofictionary from a female Mensa Mind Games judge in the age 56-75 category

Thursday, May 8th, 2003
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? I Want a New Bank

I'm really fed up and annoyed with our Bank. Our latest request for an actual business loan has once again been denied, and for me, this is the last straw. We've been excellent customers for more than a decade, we have a thriving business which is oozing with potential, yet to them, we are nothing but numbers on a piece of paper. So, I want to take our banking business elsewhere. Does anyone have a good recommendation? Where's a banker like Mr. Drysdale when you need him?

It was understandable the first couple of times we asked. I'm sure our very first loan request (back when we were still Icehouse Games) was laughable. Even just a few years ago, when Looney Labs first asked our bank for a loan, I can see why they might have said no to our request. The sales numbers just weren't there, and we had not yet proven ourselves, the way we have now.

But we've been in business for almost 7 years at this point, and we are clearly succeeding. We have a bonafide hit and a strong catalog of other fun game titles that are gaining popular and critical acclaim. You can find our games in stores all over! At trade shows, retailers who've caught on to our products constantly praise them for how well they sell. Using only our own savings and personal credit, Kristin and I have built up a business that generated over a quarter of a million dollars in sales last year, and is still just beginning to find its place in the game industry.

We quit our day jobs more than 4 years ago, and not only have we been supporting ourselves throughout that time, but we've even been steadily paying down the credit card debt that we racked up during our early years. Our sales are more than double what they were a few years ago when we last asked our bank for a loan ­ and we've moved hundreds of thousands of dollars through our account with them, without ever bouncing a check or being late on a payment.

We need more money now because we're succeeding, not failing. There's so much more we want to do, but we just don't have the money for everything yet! We're being held back by our lack of adequate growth funding. I want a bank who'll look at us for our potential, not simply for our "cashflow rating". Our Bank didn't even bother to send someone out to look at our business, to see how we're doing for ourselves -- they just looked at our numbers and judged us inadequate. Don't they care about the long-term value of the intellectual property we're developing? We just licensed the rights for our biggest hit game to a company in Germany, who'll be publishing a German edition and paying us a handsome royalty. Does any of this matter to our big impersonal Bank? Apparently not.

Anyway, Kristin was really counting on getting this loan. With Zendo being more expensive to produce than we'd planned, and with the summer trade shows still a ways off, we are not going to have enough money to pay all the bills for Zendo when they start coming in next month, unless we take a credit card (with a very unfriendly interest rate) which Kristin had just paid off, and run it back up to its platinum level limit. This has left me with a very cranky unhappy Kristin this week. And when Kristin's unhappy, I'm unhappy.

So, we could really use some cash right now. So much so, that I have decided to declare it pledge week here at Wunderland.Com. OK, so we're not giving away Director's Chairs. But I do have a special deal for you, if you buy something this week from our on-line store...

How about sending a Fluxx deck to a far-away friend you haven't seen in awhile? (You could even send 'em a whole purple bag!) Or perhaps you need something for yourself... do you own our newest card game Nanofictionary yet? Have you been considering upgrading to Fluxx version 3.0 but just haven't gotten around to it? Have you been tempted by any of the cool stuff we found at Toy Fair this year? (We've put up a new one this week, the Super Nitro Ball.) And did you hear we recently lowered our shipping rates?

Here's the special deal I mentioned: NanoBlanks arrived this week, but we won't be taking orders at the web site for it until May 22nd, in order to allow time for it to reach our stores. But I'll send you a free copy early if you buy something in our gift shop this week. (Offer expires as soon as this text is no longer on the top page at Wunderland.com). Just write in the comments field, "Andy says I can have a free pre-release copy of NanoBlanks."

Oh, and if you happen to have any heaps of Extra Cash lying around that you might be thinking about loaning to a small game company in need ­ we updated our Investors page again.

Sorry to get all PBS-pledge-weeky on you... I'm really looking forward to a day when we are not living quite so close to the edge as far as money is concerned.

AndyThe Origins Awards are coming soon... have you cast your vote yet?

the story so far

Thought Residue

Former Drug Czar and all-around Moral-Crusader William J. Bennett has a gambling problem... he's reportedly lost $8 million dollars at casinos during the past decade! It makes me sick to think this loser got that kind of money by demonizing pot-smokers, lecturing people about morality, and publishing stuff like The Book of Virtues. How does a million-dollar gambling addiction fit into a life of morals and virtue? Doesn't this totally destroy any credibility he might have had as a moral authority?

"We should know that too much of anything, even a good thing, may prove to be our undoing...[We] need ... to set definite boundaries on our appetites." --William J. Bennett in The Book of Virtues
"Grammar with the 30% less having in it" -- Dark Ryder's email sig


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