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The Bra Constrictor

How About Lost Artifacts?

After 4 years and 11 days, John has stopped keeping track of what he's doing at 4:11. Here is his next-to-last entry:

Waiting at a traffic light.
It turns green.

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chorine (kor-een') n. a chorus girl

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Star Wars Attack of the Clones :(

How long will it take
for Star Wars fans to realize
that the Dark Side won?

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Astor Place Cube Prank

"Nanofictionary is a storytelling card game that does a great job of providing props which help get players thinking creatively. It's also an Andrew Looney game and thus has the implicit wackiness that you'd expect." -- Shannon Appelcline, reviewing Nanofictionary at RPG.net

Thursday, July 3rd, 2003
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Origins Rocked! (as usual)

Well, we're back from another Big Experiment at Origins, and once again, it was a smashing success!

Oh sure, the weekend had a few little downsides... we didn't win either of the Origins Awards we were up for (but it was still really cool to get nominated), there were some mistakes in the program book (but nothing really disastrous, just really annoying), and I was arrested and thrown in the jail by the Klingons (but I got my revenge on the Conspiracy of Three).

We ran dozens of tournaments, seminars, and other events, and we gave out over 50 really cool prize medallions to this year's winners. (I won 2 myself, one for the RAMbots championship, the other for squeaking my way into the Icehouse Finals.) And although we didn't quite meet our sales goal, we felt like business was great at our booth, particularly given the economy and the reports we were getting from sales elsewhere in the Exhibit Hall.

There were lots of other great things about Big Experiment #4, but the best part of all was the people. It's amazing how we've managed to attract and surround ourselves with so many really cool, really nice folks. Some of our "Test Subjects" have been faithfully returning since the first year (or even since the Icehouse Tournaments at Disclave that got us started so long ago) and it's a thrill to reunite with these folks again each year. That joy was rivaled only by the experience of meeting new fans and seeing our community of friends and supporters grow even bigger. I'm already looking forward to next year! (Not to mention Gen-Con and Dragon*Con....) You guys rock!

I have a lot more to say, but I'm out of time for now. We haven't been home long enough yet for me to even unpack the van, let alone finish documenting the event. Tune in next week for this year's scrapbook page, official tournament results, recycling report, and so on. And if you put up a web page of your own about the event, be sure to tell me about it, so I can give you a link next week!

Thank you to everyone who helped make Big Experiment #4 such a huge success!


PS: Sorry the site is late this week... just as we were getting ready to upload the new files, we lost power to about 30% of our house. (Anyone know a good electrician in our area who isn't out of town for the 4th of July?)

Note to Photographer Rabbits: Did you get any really good pics at Origins this year? Email me the best 3 you got, and *maybe* I'll use them in my reporting. I'm assuming that if you email it to me, then I have your permission to use it; if I do, I'll also list your name under the photo, with a link to your Rabbit bio page.

the story so far
Thought Residue
The Supreme Court has struck down laws against homosexuality! While I'm not gay, I have many close friends who are, and I share in their happiness about this ruling. Moreover, as a freedom fighter, I regard anti-sodomy laws as being just as blatantly unconstitutional as drug prohibition, so I'm pleased to see them finally getting tossed out!

"If it is OK to have sex with the consenting adult mate of your choice, why then is prostitution still illegal? If person A wants to give person B money for an act that is legal when money does not change hands, then A nor B should go to jail when money is exchanged. Moreover, if the Supreme Court contends that the Constitution is best served by allowing us to do peaceful things in private, why can't people who want to use drugs in a peaceful manner, do so? I don't visit prostitutes or do drugs, but, as an American Christian, I embrace your right to do so in order to preserve the liberty that our Founders and God gave us." -- Jack A. Chambless, "What About Prostitution and Drugs?"
Even if you are a total skeptic about UFOs, you have to admit that the government has gone to a great deal of trouble and expense to keep *something* secret from us out there at Area 51. What is it? When will we be told? And what's that 6-mile-long runway for?


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