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Walking up a DC street, away from the White House and a giant crowd at a peace rally. Kristin Matherly says, "Um, what's the other one? Saddam is a piece of poo, but Dubya so are you."

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Thursday, October 31, 2002
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Marching for Peace

On Saturday, we joined a pre-emptive protest of a pre-emptive war. It was an inspiring and exhausting event, and I could easily spend quite a bit of time here describing both the march and the issues. However, I'm going to defer to my fellow toasters for that. For a better description of the march, see the GinohnNews, and for more information about the peace movement, check out toK's new Peace pages. Since Bush seems bent of attacking Iraq and this issue won't be going away any time soon, toK has offered to start providing us with a weekly link to a peace-related website worthy of our attention.

Last week I described the signs we decided at the last minute to create, and they worked out really well! We wished we'd had a whole lot more of them. But since this war isn't likely to just go away, we're figuring there'll be a lot more marches in our future and we should probably go ahead and make a real run of these signs.

Our signs stood out nicely in the sea of signs that swirled around us... we gave about half of our supply away to random enthusiastic strangers we encountered, and it was fun seeing them later in the midst of a wall of humanity. In fact, our signs were so recognizable that you can see one in the photo that appeared on the front page of Sunday's Washington Post! Check it out:

Speaking of being opposed to wars, on Tuesday some of us will get the chance to express our opinions about the war on drugs, and I urge anyone living in a state with a marijuana ballot initiative to consider instead the way of peace. In addition to my own writings on the subject, I recommend you surf over to Marlene's page for her thoughts on Nevada's Question 9. (You should also read the big articles on marijuana prohibition in the current issues of Time and Maxim magazines.)

Anyway, here's hoping you've been having a great Halloween. We have. On Tuesday, we carved pumpkins, and here's a photo of the three of us in the costumes we made this year: we're the crew of the Starship Wunderland! As long as we were making these shirts, we made an extra for the crewman who'll die ten minutes into the episode. Currently, Stoney is bravely volunteering to be our red-shirt. (Would anyone else like this role? We're thinking about making these red shirts available in the Dangling Carrot...)


Don't Forget to Vote!


the story so far

Thought Residue
I was delighted to see, by studying the most recent on-board DC subway map, that 3 new stations are actively being developed: one on the Red Line between Union Station and Rhode Island Ave. and two at the Maryland end of the Blue Line. I wonder if they'll ever make the additions I'd like to see (besides a purple line along the beltway), namely extending the Orange Line to Dulles airport, and our Green Line to BWI airport (via Beltsville, Laurel, and Columbia). (And I remain bitter about the fact that the Yellow Line doesn't extend all the way to Greenbelt as originally planned.)
"I don't know about you, but I find it profoundly disturbing that in a nominally free country this can't even come up for debate. If we taxed the estimated $32 billion crop (America's largest) instead of fruitlessly trying to eradicate it, we'd instantly raise billions for the war effort... and instantly free up thousands of well-trained cops and federal agents to help avert the next deadly attack. If another mad bomber slips through the net because the extra manpower we need is off busting some dude for smoking a joint after work, isn't that beyond obscene?" -- Keith Blanchard, Editor-in-chief of Maxim magazine, in the Editor's Letter of the October 2002 issue
America now has more black men in jail than in college.
(791,600 vs. 603,032 as of the year 2000. (Source: Justice Policy Institute.)]



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