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There is gauze in my mouth, where my top wisdom teeth used to be. I'm lying in bed, sleepy, talking to Jake on the phone. I say something like, "The orthodontist offered to take out the one with the cavity but I said might as well take them both."

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brickbat (brik'-bat) n. 1: a piece of broken brick, esp. one used as a missile 2: any rocklike missile 3: an unkind or unfavorable remark; caustic criticism

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Igby Goes Down :)

Another sad tale
of a rich boy getting sex
from older women.

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That Was Then

My pick for most interesting show of the new fall season was put on hiatus after only 2 episodes! (I'm getting used to seeing cool new shows canceled before they have a chance, but this sets a new record.) Fortunately, "Do Over" (another new show with the same excellent premise) is still on, and getting good reviews (at least from the likes of #12). But while both time-travel shows feature a second chance at high school in the eighties with all the memories of 2002 intact, only That Was Then provided the intriguing added hook of showing us how the main character's attempts to change the future actually pay off. I was supremely disappointed to see ABC yank this promising new series so quickly, and hope another network picks it up. In the meantime, watch Do Over on WB.

Tirade's Choice

Eric Myer's Stereotypes
#12's Webcomic picks


Thursday, October 24, 2002
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Getting Ready to March

There's gonna be a big anti-war march on DC this weekend, and since we're that hippie game company and we live within walking distance of a metro station, we figure it would be remiss of us not to join in Saturday's march. If you live in the area and feel as we do about war, please join us!

To help you find us, we're making a few signs to carry, featuring artwork from a certain Fluxx card, as shown in this scale-model prototype I threw together yesterday morning. Unfortunately, we didn't even know about this march until a couple of days ago, and that just isn't enough time for most printing places to make signs. We had the idea of getting a huge pile of signs like this made, and giving them out to anyone/everyone we meet... but instead, we're only going to have about a dozen, which Landru was able to quickly print up for us, and many of them are already spoken for...

Anyway, if you join the march or watch the coverage, look for us and our stylish little signs!

Yay! They caught the snipers!
(Now we just need to stop a war...)




the story so far

Thought Residue
Greykell Dutton, one of the nicest and coolest people I've met in the past 20 years, has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Read all about it on her pages...
I'm getting a patent for my birthday! I got notification this week that my third patent (for the method of simulating time travel in a card game) will be issued on Election day. Now if we can just get a democratic congress and a "Yes" on Nevada's Question 9, I'll get everything I want for my birthday!
We got a stereo upgrade this week (thanks toK!), moving from a single-cd player to a 100-cd jukebox! Needless to say, it's a huge improvement, and amazingly, I was able to make the much-larger unit fit on the same shelf as the old one!

"I love your new store display: It's compact and complete. The casual browser is drawn to the bright colors (you know how people love bright, twinkly things), and then they examine each item. 'What are these triangle things?' I hear, and then I start my Icehouse 'tutorial'..." --Wendy Sheridan, of the Moon & Star, Rahway, NJ


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