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Trying to tighten a rusty old bolt on the negative lead of Dippy's battery. (It's not working; maybe I should find another bolt.)

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The Frighteners

This film is sort of like Ghostbusters and Back to the Future combined with that Sissy Spacek/Martin Sheen movie about the Starkweather killing spree of 1958, called Badlands. The result is both funny and disturbing; it's exciting and philosophically interesting, and it has great special effects, but once again, the final denouement costs the film a rating point. (It's like when a waitress is earning a great tip but then blows it at the end of the meal by disappearing forever when you just want to get the check and leave.) But I did enjoy seeing R. Lee Ermey doing a ghostly version of his sergeant character, who I've lately been seeing on the History channel as the host of Mail Call.

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Thursday, November 7, 2002
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? The Myth of Consensus Has Been Shattered

Well, if you know anything about my political views, you surely realize I was disappointed by the American public on Tuesday. The fact that the Republicans are in charge everywhere, including (for the first time in my life) the Governor's mansion of my own state, is simply too depressing for me to dwell on.

Needless to say, I was also very disappointed to learn that the ballot initiatives to legalize marijuana also failed. But while I have a hard time finding any silver lining in the new dominance of Republicans, I am very pleased to see that about 40% of the voters now support legalization! Those who still believe in prohibition may take comfort in the fact that we lost this time around, but with 4 out of every 10 people now supporting full legalization, this movement can no longer be consigned to the fringes. Just a few years ago, this topic was utterly taboo and terribly unpopular; now, it's on the cover of Time magazine and has the support of almost half the voters. The myth of consensus, the mistaken belief that everyone supports marijuana prohibition, has now been shattered. Given how much support for drug law reform has grown in recent years, it's just a matter of time before we DO win when this question comes up again. Which it will. And politicians will have to think twice now before defending harsh drug laws, knowing that well over a third of their constituents now support legalization. So while this was undeniably a defeat, I still see it as progress. I believe the end of marijuana prohibition is as inevitable as its failure. We may have lost a battle this week, but we are definitely gaining ground in the war against the war on drugs.

The picture you see here is of a custom-shelving unit I'd like to get built. We're reorganizing at bit here at Wunderland.Earth; we've decided to change the closed-door cabinets in the back section of the living room (a zone known as the Zarcana Lounge) into an open shelving unit for (what else) game storage. In conjunction with this, I also wish to install a new shelving unit in the vicinity, which can also be used for (that's right) more game storage, specifically of card games. Anyway, here are the specs for what I'd like built... are there any cabinet-makers reading this page who'd like to bid on this project?

Anyway, other than that, and being depressed about the election results, we've mostly just been pounding away on work as usual. Although we still haven't opened the new website to the public, SuperFRED is up and running and he's getting stronger and more capable all the time. Thanks to all the great work by Dale and more recently Liam, we now have a wonderfully flexible and powerful tool for running our business, and while it still has a few bugs and a lot of details to sew up, we're starting to get a taste of how great SuperFRED is going to be. We spent a lot of time this week using the new tools to build and update our new online shopping center, and it really won't be long before we finally declare it open. Whoo-hoo!

Have you played any games today?



the story so far

Thought Residue
This Emperor finally has a real crown. Well, actually, it's still just a temporary one... my real gold crown won't be installed by our dentist Linda for about 3 weeks. But at least I haven't had to endure a root canal yet...
"The pro-pot people feel that victory--even if it comes not this year and not in Nevada--is inevitable. Each year there are fewer members of the pre-boomer generation, who tend not to distinguish between heroin and pot. In 1983, only 31% of Americans surveyed had tried pot; the new Time/CNN poll puts the figure at 47%. And though pot use among teens is down from its '70s highs, parents sneaking joints when their kids are asleep is a fresh phenomenon. But the polls show that Americans still cling to pot's forbidden status, which is why the pro-pot people are working so hard." -- Time Magazine, November 4, 2002
Why hasn't McDonald's taken a tip from the pizza industry and begun hiring delivery drivers? Why can I not get a burger and fries delivered to my door with a simple phone call (or better still, website click)? Why must I go to the drive thru for American food when I can stay home and have Chinese and Italian foods brought to me upon command?

"I have to say that I was quite skeptical regarding this game because of the subjective element of having people judge each others' stories. BUT, it's great! The subjective judging is only part of the score, which probably helps: the other two parts are getting finished early, and involving lots of elements. However, the real strength of the game is what's on the cards--story elements that are just specific enough to spark the imagination, and just general enough to have the "flex" (or, "flexx") needed to be combinable. I have yet to see anybody get a completely unworkable combination, and I've seen several really great little stories emerge, and the occasional smashing success, as when somebody got the Giant Sentient Broccoli as a character, and They Were Out of Food as the problem." -- Brian M, via email


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