Halloween 2002

Here are the pumpkins we carved this year, at Kristin's 17th annual pumpkin carving party. Aren't they lovely?

Check out our pumpkins from other years!

Petra did this image of Tirade with vampire fangs...

... while Andy's pumpkin went with the theme of the household's costumes for 2002.


Alison did this exotic face...


...while Kristin's pumpkin was totally abstract.


The one on the left was by Renee, who was inspired by Sweeny Todd.
The one on the right is by #12, who was inspired by the online comic Pupkin.
The moon & sun pumpkin in the center is by #12's wife Lisa.


Alex did this dude...


...who looks like this when the lights are on.

John did the little pumpkin on the left, Gina did the one in the middle, and the one on the right is by Alison. (She named it Aaaahhhh!)


This is another of Petra's beautiful creations....


...and this is another one by Gina.

This is Kristin's pumpkin, just after she'd sliced it open. Notice how the seeds inside had sprouted! Most of us had never seen anything like this before, but of course Alison knew all about it and even knew a cool word to describe the phenomenon: viviparous.


Here's one by Leah!


...and this is my pumpkin, while I was still transferring the pattern to the pumpkin using a little plastic poker. This was the first time my design was complex enough to require this method, but it worked very well.


Did you see the pumpkins we did last year?

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