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Contemplating my next move in a Lord of the Rings board game. The text on one of my front playing pieces, the one representing Gandalf, reads, 'The dark player must play his card first.'

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xyloid (zy'-loyd) adj. of or resembling wood; ligneous

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Reign of Fire :)

An ancient plot line
returns to wreak destruction,
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My favorite show on the Food Network is Food Unwrapped, which goes inside various factories to show us how different kinds of food are made. But even more fascinating is this History Channel documentary, featuring the stories behind the invention of popular American foodstuffs, many of which (like "Chinese" fortune cookies) did not originate where we think they did.

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"Showed Zendo to my mom last week, and now she's some kind of Zendo junkie, and I ended up having to give her all my stinkin' pyramids for her birthday, which isn't even until September." -- David M., of Northfield, MN

Thursday, July 18, 2002
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Nuclear War: It'll Soon Be Easier Than Ever!

This week's article will take the form of a bulletized list of assorted facts.

  • We have decided to go to Dragon-Con this year. (It's in Atlanta, over Labor Day weekend.)
  • The first printing of Chrononauts is now officially sold out. (We still have about 50 copies left ourselves, which we're reserving for Gen-Con and our own webstore sales, but for most stores it's now on back-order.)
  • The second printing of Chrononauts has this week been ordered.
  • Carta Mundi says it will be no problem to have finished decks to us in time for Dragon-Con. (Also, Nanofictionary is reportedly still on track for release at Gen-Con.)
  • Given this, we've decided to make a new Chrononauts promo card to give away at Dragon-Con. It will be called German Cake. Here you see the artwork Alison and I created for the card.
  • The other 3 promo card slots available during a Chrononauts reprint will be used to make:
    • A beautiful new Cosmic Coasters reference card
    • More IceTowers reference cards
    • Blank GLOTZ cards, for use in designing new games
  • A number of minor changes have been made for the second printing of Chrononauts. They are as follows:
    • The box has been revised. The art on the front and top panels has been reversed, and several new bits of info have been added (Origins Award winner, Parent's Choice winner, Second Printing, Patent Pending, etc).
    • 1962 will henceforth hinge on an "OR" instead of an "AND". This makes World War III and the ÜberParadox much easier to create, and to sustain, which will hopefully give Squa Tront (and Zane Reenak) more of a fighting chance. (It also makes it more satisfying to flip 1943 and 1957.)
    • The Obvious Forgery of the Mona Lisa now sports a handlebar mustache.
    • A note about Killing Time has been added to Fast Forward.
    • The incorrect Time Index on the Marijuana Legalized card has been fixed.
    • The teeny-tiny tick mark missing from the Rongo-Rongo Tablets has been restored.
  • Super-FRED is now in beta-testing. (Yes, it's true!)
  • We have reached a tentative agreement with Kory to release a standalone boxed set edition of Zendo, before the end of the calendar year. (Yes, it's true!)
  • I have filed an amendment to my third patent application ("Method of Simulating Time Travel in a Card Game"), re-writing my base claim just as the Examiner instructed, and I feel confident it will soon be granted.
  • I have been too busy with all of this to even think about this week's cartoon. Sorry.
  • I haven't even really unpacked from Origins yet.
  • Our colorful in-store display is finally being printed. Next week we're gonna get to go see them do the die-cutting. (Yes, it's true!)
  • Alison created that panoramic view of the Lab (on this year's Origins photo album) by digitally combining two separate photos.
  • Everyone at our house currently has a cold.
  • It's very hot.


Have you played any games today?Andy

Thought Residue
Leslie informs me it was Dan Viets whose remarks at the most recent NORML conference inspired my desire to become a lawyer... for she too had the exact same reaction! In fact, she's way ahead of me... she's already taken the LSAT!
"People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost." -- H. Jackson Brown, Jr., seen quoted at
"They just sit there, sucking up the reader's life force." -- the review of Family Circus at Bob's Comics Reviews


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