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 Selections from my erratic and ecclectic Sketch/Journals

 I've been keeping Big Black Books since some time in high school -- going on ten years now. I write or draw whatever crosses my mind, or passes through my field of vision, or otherwise sparks my interest. I don't bother to put dates on things, I don't make a point of writing every day. I go through phases where I carry the current Big Black Book with me everywhere I go, and stretches up to a year or more in length where I don't do anything at all. As with my guitar playing, it takes the stress off, and makes it more fun, to know that I work on it to the extent of my own enjoyment, and not such that it becomes a chore or an obligation. But, as with my songwriting, I like to think I've produced some decent stuff over the years that other people might enjoy.

Selections fall roughly, but not by any means neatly into several categories. There are Thoughts/Essays, Artistict Forays, Poemish Things, Wordsome Frolics, and so on. Many things fall into more than one category, so you'll just have to explore them by title, as they strike your fancy.



Living in the Moment?



Woeful Gargoyle


And It Can Hear You


I Loved Madly


I Only Have Eyes For You