The Big Experiment #3

July 4th-7th 2002 at Origins

The Great Columbus Convention center
400 N High St
Columbus, OH 43215-2096.

Origins is an annual gaming convention held in Columbus, Ohio. It is the official convention of the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA). It is home to every type of gaming experience, from card games to board games to roleplaying games... and of course, Looney Labs games! Check out The Official Origins Website for lots more information!

The Lab: A corner of Origins where you can hang out and play Looney Labs Games with Mad Lab Rabbits from all over. 53 events! Full time demo space! 13 tournaments! Crafts! Seminars! Giant pyramids! One low admission cost for everything going on in the lab when you buy a Big Experiment Ribbon!

The Rabbits: Mad Lab Rabbits are really big fans of the games published by Looney Labs... and Origins has been invaded again this year by rabbits in lab coats! Follow a rabbit back to the lab and they'll teach you how to play a new game or two! (Careful, some are werewolves...)

The Medallions: Come compete in our tournaments and you might take home one of 36 beautiful colorful medallions! One or more medallions will be awarded for each of the tournaments listed in this schedule - plus we have three booth challenges this year: Proton, Q-Turn, and Giant Volcano!

It was a fabulous event!

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