Big Experiment #3 Photo Album

We're back from Origins 2002, and we had an absolutely smashing time.

This is Andy's photo album.


We had two main spaces: our booth in the Exhibit Hall, and the Lab, our gaming space in the convention. Here's what they looked like:

The Booth

The Lab

These are the 36 prize medallions we were giving to the winners of our tournaments. Over the course of the weekend, they started disappearing from this display...

Here's Liam Bryan, overcome with emotion after winning the 13th International Icehouse Tournament, the biggest one in a decade. Liam had the right to be extra-happy: note that he's also wearing the coveted Cooler Than Ice medallion.

As usual, the Icehouse tournament attracted some of the fiercest competitors and was one of the most closely watched of any of our events; here we see Eric Zuckerman and Liam helping Eeyore tabulate the scores.

There was a great turnout for the Aquarius tournament, with 25 players competing...

...but the biggest draw of all turned out to be the late night Werewolf hunting sessions, which attracted at least 50 players each night. There were so many night-owls looking to play that we had to put some of the villages out into the hallway.

Everyone loves the tie-dyed Zendo lounge. (That's this year's tourney winner wearing red in the foreground.)

Did you hear about Cosmic Coasters winning an Origins Award as Best Abstract Board Game of 2001?

Here are a couple of other views of busy moments in the Lab:

...and signs and such in the Booth:

Not all medals were won in the Lab. On-going throughout the weekend were some challenges at the Booth, which culimated in showdown events with the finalists on Sunday. Here we see Andy about to win the Proton Challenge, and Jesse vs. Cayce in the Q-Turn Challenge final showdown. (There was no need for a showdown event in the Volcano Challenge, after Adam beat Kristin in a mere 6 turns, in what she said later was one of the best games she's ever played.)


Alex and Jooolia were just some of the rabbits who like to wear actual rabbit ears. Not to be outdone, Gina made her legs match her shirt.

The need to find out who goes first in the Aquarius tournament has turned into an event all its own, called the Aquarius Hair-Down. This year we had almost a dozen competitors, arranged here in order from longest hair to shortest.

(Since it was held right when the Booth opened, certain notable longhairs couldn't attend... maybe we should make this event start at a different time next year.)

'Becca Stallings again led the Recycling Brigade. Here we see one of the lovely tie-dyed bins we scattered around, along with 'Becca and her co-horts as they stomp cans and bottles into submission.

This year we started holding seminars too, and they were a big hit. That's the "Elegant Game Design" panel on the left, led by Dave Chalker, Jacob Davenport, and Kory Heath, and on the right is Kristin's "Getting a Game Published" Q&A session.


To sum up: it was once again an amazingly great event. The only bad thing is that we have to wait a year before the next one!

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