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I Joined The Corps For The Glamor...


John Marketon and I are looking at the Laurel hemisphere's power rack.
"You think that'll get enough air?" I ask. "Oh, yeah," says John. "We're gonna need two or three extension cords though."

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gory dew (gor'-ee doo') n. bloodlike, gelatinous patches found on damp stones, and consisting of palmella cruenta, a red alga

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The Dish :)

films always make me wonder
what really happened.
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The Dish

This hilarious Australian film is a funny and moving retelling of my favorite adventure story which even manages to make telemetry work seem sexy. Having once been in the business of moving data betwixt spacecraft and scientist, I could really relate to this story of the team of engineers tasked with being certain to capture transmissions of the first moon landing on the Dish (this being a giant dish antennae). The Dish also provides a great glimpse into what it was like to have experienced the moon landing in another country.

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Michael Swanwick's Periodic Table of Science Fiction

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Thursday, July 5, 2001
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Origins of the Rebirth of Hypothermia
Greetings from Origins! We are here and the stage is set for a totally amazing weekend. Although some of our final preparations were a bit more rushed than we'd have liked (and I haven't had much sleep), everything has been going very smoothly so far. We've arrived and moved in, as have most of our bigger-than-ever staff of helpful friends. The Exhibit Hall opens at 1PM today, so we still have the morning to finish setting up our booth, and they've already started playing games down in the Lab, this being the fabulous gaming space that Origins has provided us for our 2nd Annual Big Experiment. We're running dozens of tournaments and other gaming events, and the prize medallions we'll be giving away this time are more beautiful than ever, thanks to a great new manufacturing method Kristin devised. About the only thing that went wrong is that I didn't manage to get a photo of the booth in time to include on this page like I did last year, so you'll just have to imagine it for now. (Frankly, it'll look a lot like last year's booth...)

We have many treats and surprises in store for those lucky enough to join us this weekend at Origins, but I'm afraid the rest of you will have to wait for the details until after we get back. However, there is one new thing we're doing that is just so exciting that I'm going to tell you about it right now.

Before we started Looney Labs, we ran a practice version of a game company called Icehouse Games, and as such we published an occasional newsletter called, Hypothermia. Between March of 1990 and November '96, we sent out 13 issues, each with an intro article by John (aka Dr Cool) and an assortment of articles (usually by me) on Icehouse strategies, variations, answers to questions, and the results of our annual tournaments. (The text from a sample, #11, is available online at the now-stale unofficial Icehouse website). Then we decided to give up on Icehouse and start a new company, around which time internet availability exploded and John and I started publishing our game-related writings on the web instead of the more expensive and pesky blue sheets of paper.

So why have we decided to exhume and resume Hypothermia? Well, times change, and as the Icehouse set has evolved, so too has the need for this publication. No longer subtitled "a newsletter for Icehouse players", Hypothermia will now be the Journal of Icehouse Gaming and will be devoted not so much to that first game but to all the others that have, and are, being developed. It'll still come out on whatever random schedule we decide upon, i.e. whenever we feel there's enough important new material to release in this format. (I think it's safe to assume there'll be at least one issue a year, for Origins, and we're already considering a Gen-Con issue, too...)

Hypothermia #14 contains a new Meltdown by Dr Cool and an official notice from me about the formal addition of the Timer Rule to Icehouse, but more importantly, it contains rules for two long-awaited new Icehouse games, Zendo and Gnostica. Of course, readers of this website already have these rules, but demand for them is so strong that we really wanted to have them available in some sort of printed format in time for Origins, and thus was Hypothermia reborn.

If you can't make it to Origins, don't worry... Hypothermia-14 will become available through our online store after we return.Andy

Have a great week!

Thought Residue
After finally reaching the shelves of GameKeeper/WotC stores in malls around the country, Fluxx and Chrononauts are now selling well! They've already re-ordered, requesting even more Fluxx decks than in their initial order! Yay!
"When reviewing the game of Darts, I couldn't see any reason not to put all the darts into the bull's eye." -- Robert C Atwood, sarcastically replying to an old review of Icehouse by Peter Sarrett ("We also couldn't see any reason not to play attackers so that their tips touch the pieces they're attacking"), posted to the Icehouse Mailing List along with "other possible reviews by that reviewer" of Bowling, Chess, and Snooker
You really notice the lack of insects in California when you return to hot muggy Washington DC after a week in San Francisco. I asked Kory how he could stand the mosquitoes, since he move here from San Jose two years ago. "I still just love the fireflies," he replied. "It's like having fireworks every night."

"Fluxx is one of the best party games I've played in many years. The rules are incredibly easy to learn, the action is fast, and every game is different. It plays equally well with two players as it does with 6, though the more people you have, the more often the rules change. :-) All in all, I'd give Fluxx an A+. Highly recommended." -- review of Fluxx posted at


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