Welcome to my nanofiction pages. Inspired by Andy's efforts, I began attempting to pump these out on a weekly basis also. This is where I'm collecting them all. And, because I think about these things, I have another page of criticisms for each of the stories, for which I welcome reader contributions in the spirit of artistic debate.

My nanofictions may now be viewed in "chain" form, in order to heighten each stories' tiny effect by making it possible to read them one at a time Or you may view a single page on which all have been collected. The table of contents below contains links to each induvidual story in the chain, as well as to the all-in-one page. Enjoy!

A Common Misguided Kindness
The Big Play
Biff and Baff's great adventure
Fulfilled as a bird's nest
"It's Not You, It's Me."
Back To The Future
"I'm Sorry, Sir, Your Card's Been Rejected."
The Wonder, Humor, and Beauty
Tool Riot
Three Wishes
New York City, Dec 31, 1999 11:58PM
The Great Escape
First Contact
Raising The Dead
Venus Attacks!
The Willowsdale Toast Society Meets Again
WYSIWYG Saves The World
Pimple Poppin'
The Milk Ring That Got Him A Divorce
What Could They Be Selling In December?
Christmas on 13th Street
Christmas 2005
The Last Session Of Congress
As he was leaving the dessert table...
Super Hero
The Perfect Match
Specter of Evil

The Battle On The Mountain
The Long Wait
The Becoming Of Eric
The Working Life
Radiation: Divine Creator
Silver Lining
April 22
Traffic Jam
Conflict in the city
Swift Justice
The Ultimate Tag
In a distant galaxy...
I know you're not there anymore
The Joy Of Youth
One POW's story
Best to Clean House on the First
You walk, I drive
Mister Know-It-All
Last Chance
Ice Balls
*** The Time Travel Contest Series ***
Don't Forget Your Past
I Joined The Corps For The Glamor...
For God And Queen

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