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Sketchbook Harvest4:11

I finish the very last chews of an eggplant sandwich. I'm contemplating eating the decorative lettuce leaf and orange slice as I watch a nearby young woman (long baggy shorts, dark blue T-shirt, cute horn rimmed glasses, straight reddish brown hair tied back). She's bending over and rummaging through a large wicker basket of newspapers.

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absquatulate (ab-skwaht'-yule-ate) v.i. to leave suddenly; to decamp; also to squat

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Set Me Free (Emporte-Moi) :)
Few films show how life
can be both sad and lovely.
They're all French, of course.

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The Fifth Element
The actual storyline is bogus (just another Battle Against Ultimate Evil) but it's worth sitting through to see the vividly-realized futuristic world of 250 years from now, in which said cornball plotline is set. Think of it as being a cornball action film from the Future, which you get to see now. The film has an interesting structure, too, with each ten-minute segment having a different tone, almost like the film was made in pieces by a series of different directors. Plus, the music is great and the special effects are amazing. So who needs a plot?

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Celly's Wings

"a while ago my housemate showed me Fluxx. then i found Aquarius. then my friend showed me Chrononauts. then i submitted a nanofic to the competition. now i'm hooked! the girl scouts got me addicted to Thin Mints, now you've gotten me addicted to neato games. ack!" -- josh (Waltham, MA), comments accompanying an order

Thursday, May 24, 2001
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Nerves = Pain
The big story around here continues to be Kristin's hand injury. Just as she was beginning to recover, with her pain much reduced and the use of her index finger regained, she went back to the hospital and emerged in a worse state than ever. Although her long term recovery depended on this second surgery, it still felt like a setback, since she now has an even bigger club for a hand and is experiencing much worse pain than she ever has before (and that includes her migraines). When we realized why, it was one of those revelations that seems obvious even though it hadn't occurred to us. Of course it's going to hurt more: The point of the surgery was to reconnect severed nerves, and once completed, she's going to experience all the pain those nerve circuits had previously been unable to transmit up to her brain. So her hand hurts like the dickens, even after the big bright pink pain pills they gave her. But it's starting to improve, and the doctor was confident he'd successfully accomplished everything he'd set out to do, so we're hopeful this recovery will be the real deal.

Needless to say, this has been slowing us down, but we're trying to get on with our work nonetheless. And at least now we finally have some help! Our new intern Dave is working out great so far; here we see him stamping and stickering postcards with Alison. We're in the midst of mailing out just under 3000 postcards to our mailing list, promoting our Origins Awards nominations (and begging for votes). We've also been trying to finish up some production requirements, including Fluxx Blanxx (which unfortunately has fallen behind schedule) and some cool new stuff we're making for the MLR WotC/GameKeeper Welcome Brigade. Plus, the search for Fulfillment continues (Lauren turned us on to a local company we're excited about now) and we're ramping up for Origins as well as this weekend's Pop-Tart Cafe.

Speaking of this weekend, there are Looney Labs gaming events going on all over the country:

  • Balticon (Baltimore, MD): We'll be hosting our 5th Pop-Tart Cafe at Balticon on Saturday and Sunday
  • BayCon (San Jose, CA): Eric Zuckerman's running the 3rd West Coast Icehouse Tournament at BayCon on Sunday
  • Dreamation 2001 (Meadowlands, NJ): The Double Exposure convention is running Fluxx tournaments on Friday, Sunday, and Monday
  • Marcon (Columbus, OH): There'll be a Fluxx tournament on Friday

AndyHopefully you can get to one of these cool events!


Have you cast your vote in the Origins Awards yet?

Thought Residue
Chrononauts won a Parents' Choice award! It's a Silver Honor Winner! Woo-hoo!
"The moral bankruptcy of the drug war was highlighted again last week as US officials announced that the Taliban rulers of Afghanistan would be receiving about $43 million in anti-drug funds for forcing farmers to abandon opium crops that had previously been tolerated. As columnist Robert Scheer pointed out in the Los Angeles Times, the Taliban has created one of the world's most repressive governments. Women have been effectively stripped of all rights in Afghanistan, and leaders have caused other recent international uproars by destroying ancient Buddhist statues and announcing that religious minorities will soon be required to wear identification tags. But all this can be forgiven by the Bush administration, because these totalitarians are allies in the drug war." -- DrugSense Focus Alert #210 May 23, 2001: "Taliban's Tyranny No Problem For Anti-Drug Aid"
We receive Chrononauts from the card printer in a carton designed to hold 48 decks; however, if you load them in a different way (5x5 vs. 4x6) you can actually fit 50 in the box! I've seen it happen once! So, it's like a contest: buy 48 copies of Chrononauts, and you might win 2 extra decks free!


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