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Sketchbook Harvest4:11

Sitting in the grand hall of the Renwick Art Museum, surrounded by old American paintings of landscapes and Indian portraits, and statues of white stone. Andrea Gill is at the podium, answering a question. "I'm not interested in installation, but I teach it -- with a vengeance."

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quondam (kwon'-dum) adj. former; sometime
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A Knight's Tale :)

The guy's really hot!
This film's formulaic but
it has great jousting .

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Capricorn One

OJ Simpson plays an astronaut who thinks he can get away with faking the first manned mission to Mars. Made in 1978, this film is a rather interesting artifact of its time: Post-Watergate and Pre-Space Shuttle. It's also a great example of how unbelievable the moon landings would have been had they been similarly faked.

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Building the Washington Metro

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"The boyfriend came and went, the love for Fluxx (he had an ancient B&W deck) stayed. Oh, Despair!, when I thought I would not be able to find a deck of my own! As per the whims of the USPS, I shall soon be again empowered." -- Ramie (Cookeville, TN), comments accompanying an order

Thursday, May 17, 2001
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? We've Got Help!

Sometimes things happen fast. Our search for a summer intern had barely begun when the perfect candidate showed up for an interview, and we ended up hiring him on the spot. His name is Dave Chalker and after his first couple of days on the job, it's clear he's gonna be an excellent Rabbit Coordinator!

Dave is 19 and in the fall he'll be entering his third year of college at Miami University of Oxford, OH, where he's majoring in "Game Theory and Design". Well, technically his major is "Interdisciplinary Studies", which just means he gets to create his own major program. (The field of Game Design is about as easy to major in as it is to get a job in. He's also minoring in Computer Information Systems, which shows he's being realistic about the job prospects in his chosen field, and will always have something to fall back on when he needs a real paycheck.) Dave's own game design efforts include numerous home-brewed Fluxx card ideas and a pretty neat new Icehouse game called Rat Patrol, and since he aspires to run his own game company someday, an internship with one such company is an invaluable opportunity for him.

Interestingly enough, his father is world-famous science fiction author Jack L. Chalker, which means Dave grew up attending science fiction conventions. There he learned about gaming and became active in organizing gaming events even as a youth. Now he's serving as the Gaming Czar for Balticon (which unfortunately means he'll have to miss most of our Pop-Tart Cafe), and while he never would have guessed such activities would ever be considered job skills, to us they are, since one of the big things we need help with is getting our demo team organized.

Dave's already doing exactly that. To help really jump-start the sales of Fluxx and Chrononauts when they start showing up on WotC/GameKeeper shelves, we're launching a Welcome Brigade. This is everyone's chance to become a full-fledged official Mad Lab Rabbit (with Membership Cards and everything). After that, he'll be working to extend the program to include local stores and other gaming events. It'll be great to have someone working on all these little details that have been falling through the cracks up till now.

Welcome Aboard, Dave! We're really excited about having your help!

In the wake of Kristin's hand injury, she's been enjoying quite an outpouring of love and support from her friends and loved ones. "I feel very loved," I've heard her say repeatedly. But while most of our friends have been very sympathetic towards Kristin and the loss of the use of her primary hand, one friend has actually stepped forward to replace it. Her name is Lauren Brown, and she's someone we've also met fairly recently (although our mutual acquaintance Mar has known her since a couple of job/years ago). Lauren is the Wonder Woman of Executive Assistants... she's been doing this for over ten years now, and she knows her way around any executive's office. However, having just been down-sized and going crazy with nothing to do, Lauren has volunteered to be Kristin's right hand while hers heals. So, she's been taking Kristin to her doctor appointments, setting up travel arrangements, making calls, doing paperwork, even pointing out new leads on manufacturing, fulfillment, and funding options... the kind of stuff she usually does for high-powered executives at a considerable salary. Needless to say, her services have been incredibly helpful. At some point she will find that new job, and have to stop helping us, but maybe Kristin's hand will be better by then. (And if any of my readers know of any job opportunities for Executive Assistants, contact us know and we'll pass it along. Kristin highly recommends her... she would be an excellent asset to any company.)

As for Kristin's hand, there's good news and bad news. The good news is, she's healed considerably since last week (as this updated gory details image depicts), and although the exercises make her pain a lot worse, she's rapidly re-gaining mobility in her fingers. On the other hand, the numbness in those two fingers (on only the left side of each one, she's come to realize) means that follow-up surgery is necessary, which obviously sucks. She goes in for that on Monday morning, but she likes her hand doctor, David Dorin, and he says she can expect a full recovery, so I think all the news really is good.

Anyway, the healing continues, but it'll still be a long time before Kristin can really use her hand again. But hey... at least now, we have help!Andy


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Thought Residue
Though I'm disgusted by their refusal to acknowledge the glaring unconstitutionality of drug prohibition as a whole, I'm not too concerned about the Supreme Court's rejection of the medical necessity defense for marijuana use. Though I mourn the plight of the sick and dying for whom it would have been beneficial, exemptions for the seriously ill do little to address the real harms of prohibition. Legitimate medical uses are an excellent way to bring up the subject, but legalizing pot for such uses alone is like treating cancer with a band-aid. We must accept the reality of recreational use as well, and tax and regulate the stuff as we do with tobacco and booze. The law is the law, says the Supreme Court, and only Congress can change the law.
"Apparently, Clarence Thomas and Co. forgot a slightly more important statute than the Controlled Substance Act -- the Constitution of the United States! Remember that one? I think it's still mentioned in high-school civics classes. Grab a copy if you have one handy and open that grand, national operating manual to Article 1, Section 8. This section lays out in very clear terms the enumerated powers of Congress -- what our representatives are permitted to do. ( Pay attention, Clarence. ) There are not many items listed, and you'll probably notice the striking absence of anything about regulating marijuana -- or any drugs for that matter. It's not in there. Establishing postal roads, declaring war, coining money -- that much is enumerated, but not a word about dope." -- Joel Miller, "Supreme Court's Reefer Madness"
Though I disagreed with many of their omissions and inclusions, I was pleased to see that A-Ha's "Take On Me" placed 8th on VH-1's countdown of the 100 Greatest Videos ever. For me, this one set the standard by which all videos are measured.


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