Pop-Tart Cafe Scrapbooks:

What is the Pop-Tart Cafe?

The Pop-Tart Cafe is a transient gaming parlor that manifests itself occasionally at science-fiction and gaming conventions. It is owned and operated by Looney Labs.

Here's how it works. Imagine you're at a convention. You're wandering around, checking out the programming and the parties, looking for something to do. And you drift into this one suite, to find out what the deal is with this Pop-Tart Cafe thing you've been hearing about, and because you've been drawn here by the intoxicating aroma of warm, sugary pastries, which you can smell all the way down the hall.

As you enter, you are offered a copy of the menu. Listed thereon is every flavor of Pop-Tart you can imagine, well over a dozen varieties total. And nothing else. The Pop-Tart Chef hovers about, waiting to take your order. You decided to choose Brown Sugar Cinnamon... or perhaps Frosted Blueberry, or S'mores! Yeah that's it, S'mores. The Pop-Tart Chef disappears into a large closet, where a beaded curtain conceals two toasters and a shelf filled with boxes and boxes of Pop-Tarts.

As you look around the room you see several little gaming locations, various tables surrounded by chairs, many occupied by folks who are playing Looney Labs games like Fluxx, Aquarius, and any of a whole bunch of games played with attractive little pyramids. And just as you're getting drawn into a game of Fluxx near the back, the Pop-Tart Chef returns with you order. "Be careful, it's hot," she warns as she hands you that S'mores tart, on a little paper plate.

And before you know it, you've played 3 games of Fluxx and eaten 2 more tarts (Apple Cinnamon and Frosted Strawberry, if you must know) and you've decided that you've simply got to pick up a copy of this delightful new card game. And it just so happens there's a little game store attached to the cafe!


When and Where Will it Appear Next?

To find out where we'll be next, scroll to the bottom of our home page. If you're on a con committee and want us to run the Pop Tart Cafe at your event, contact us and we'll see if we can swing it...

See also: the Arisia '01 unofficial poptart cafe

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