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Christmas in the Ant Colony

"The mysterious cottage is quite close," reported the lead scout, "and it's made entirely out of food." The Queen ordered around-the-clock raiding parties, and when the giants leveled the house twelve days later, no one cared... by then, the larders were overflowing with the sweet, gingery food. The Queen proclaimed it a holiday.

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Christmas 2005


'A winding stair leads to the crypt, where ghastly, mummified remains are placed in a ghostly row, grinning resentment at the curious.'
- Frank H. Probert, National Geographic July 1916

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suspiration (suss'-pir-ay'-shun) n. a long deep breath; sigh [see also suspire (suss-pire') v. to draw a long deep breath; sigh]

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Sleepy Hollow :-(

I don't care if he
has to talk out of his neck;
give Walken some lines!
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Edward Scissorhands

I'm a guy who's not afraid to cry during a movie. In fact, I've cried at many a film, and I consider it a sign of good storytelling when a movie makes me weep. And for some reason, this odd Tim Burton film from 1990 moved me to tears like few others have. I know it sounds implausible, that a surreal Christmas tale about an artificial man with scissors instead of hands could provide a such a moving experience, but for me at least, it did. I get choked up just thinking about the ending, when the origin of snow is revealed.

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Bruno The Bandit

Thursday, December 23, 1999
by the Wunderland Toast Society

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What's New? On the Eve of Christmas Eve

Whew! These have been some of the busiest weeks in a very busy year for us here at Looney Labs. Sales have been great at our online game stores, and we've been filling orders practically every day. But the rush is pretty much over at this point, now that pre-holiday delivery is no longer possible, and this means we can finally turn our full attention to our own holiday preparations. By the way, how late is the mall open?

Of course, our trick for avoiding the crowds at the mall is to publish a cool new product at Christmastime and just give everyone a free copy, and that's exactly what we're doing this year. The Xmas product for '99 is the beta version of a new game we're publishing, called Q-Turn. It's designed by Yours Truly, features artwork created by Alison, and was produced as always by the amazing Kristin. We'll be giving copies of Q-Turn out to family and close friends as we see them during the holidays, and we (just today) mailed out bunches of them to our business associates, distant friends, and the mad lab rabbits. But whether or not you get a free copy of Q-Turn from us this holiday season, you have our best wishes for a happy winter holiday of whatever form you celebrate.

Our tree decorations this year (every year we use a different theme when trimming our Christmas tree) were made using this boxful of colorful plastic sticks we got from KLON back in September. The sticks are actually "inoculation loops", used in medical labs for taking tiny measured samples out of petri dishes and stuff like that. Normally KLON uses clear plastic when molding these thingies, but when we were specifying colors for the Icehouse pieces and needed to see samples, Randy had a bunch of these funny little sticks run in our target colors. "What do we do with these now?" I asked, after we'd approved the colors. "Save 'em until Christmas, and we'll use 'em to make ornaments!" said Kristin.

Which is exactly what we did. And you'd be amazed at the number of ways you can make neat looking ornaments out of colored inoculation loops, particularly when you assign a roomful of creative people to the job. Check out that star Alison made for the top!

Anyway, that's about all I've got to say this week; I don't have time for more, I have to go wrap presents.

Merry Christmas, and have a great National Play Week!Andy

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Thought Residue
It's official: we're going to Balticon! The con committee is eager to add the Pop-Tart Cafe to their line-up, and we've negotiated a pair of adjoining rooms on the party floor, out of which we can operate our floating gaming parlor. It's Easter weekend in Baltimore, and it's one of the biggest cons in our region.
There've been some great discussions on the Fluxx mailing list this week - people have been discussing their favorite custom card ideas. Lots of neat ideas have been kicked around, but the ones sticking in my brain tonight are Ryan McGuire Unifying Goal series (Coffee Break, The Desert, The Bakery, and Nuclear War, designed to tie together the under-utilized keepers) and Dan Isaac's 3 Keeper set: Paper, Scissors, and a Rock (the exact implementation of which has been the subject of much debate).
"You can't buy the necessities of life with cookies." - Bill Boggs, "Edward Scissorhands"

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