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Magnolia :)

Poignant and bizarre--
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Cockeyed Trophy Night

"The copy of Treehouse that we received at GTS was a huge hit. My wife demo'd it to me the day after she got back and we had three people IN LINE to try a demo before we finished our first game. I love the game, it's colorful, eye-catching, easy to play and demo and inexpensive. We sold through our initial order within days of getting it on the counter." -- Steve and Janenne, Rules of Engagement Games

Thursday, April 20th, 2006
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What's New?

We'll be Guests of Honor at Penguicon 4.0 this weekend.

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Welcome, Carol!

This is Carol Townsend. Many of my readers will already recognize her, as one of our most enthusiastic rabbits, or even as that crafty teacher lady from Origins. She's been helping us out for years, on a fan-level basis... but as of this week she'll be doing it officially, as the newest employee in our Sales Department. Welcome aboard, Carol!

We're all very excited that Carol is joining our team, for two reasons. First, we need more help with sales, but more importantly, Carol is awesome!

At this point in our company's history, what we need the most is aggressive sales efforts. We've got a line of excellent, award-winning products, we've got a distribution network in place, and we have fans everywhere teaching newcomers how to play. And yet, we still have a long way to go. Our sales volume is still a fraction of what we believe it can become, and our games are still unknown to most of the population.

We've gotten where we are almost entirely on the Better Mousetrap Theory... we're doing well because our games (Fluxx in particular) are so good, people go out of their way to find us. We do very little print advertising, and our games have long had a reputation for being hard to find. Historically speaking, we've been really bad at getting on the phone and pestering stores to carry our games.

We've been getting increasingly better about this, particularly in the past year, what with Alvaro's part-time input and with Alison putting the artwork aside to help make sales calls... but with Carol on our team, our sales department will be much more fully staffed!

Carol is perfect for us in at least 5 ways. First, she's got the kind of energy and enthusiasm one simply has to have in order to join our group. Secondly, since she's a total fan of our games, she already knows the line and is quite skilled at explaining everything we sell. Thirdly, she's already has experience in telemarketing, and actually enjoys talking on the phone. Fourthly, since she's currently working as a substitute teacher, she can easily adapt her schedule to also include making calls for us. Fifthly, her experience as a teacher gives our team some much needed educational background... now we have someone who can talk Teacher-Speak to help us promote the educational uses of games!

And on top of all that, Carol has awesomely long hair!

Carol lives in the Chicago area with her husband Lar, but she's been visiting us all week, learning the ropes and so forth. (Obviously, since our company is all about telecommuting, it doesn't matter that she lives far from our current corporate HQ.)

So anyway, here's a big welcome to Carol. If you're a retailer of some sort, get ready to start receiving calls from our new Sales Rabbit!

AndyThanks for reading, and have a great week! (And if you'll be at either Penguicon or Baycon, we'll see you there!)

Thought Residue
"Hi Andy, just wanted to thank you again for the car, and to let you know that it is running great again (I replaced a few vacuum lines and a solenoid on the carb, and the smell you said it had was fixed with a valve cover gasket). When we got home, Rhoda washed and waxed it, she loves it! It is being tagged tomorrow and she will be driving it every day so thanks again for a great little car. It will get a second life like you hoped. Thank you" -- Grumpy, the guy who bought my old purple car

Consider Galaxy Quest. It was just like Star Trek, except for the numerous minor ways in which it was deliberately different. Now consider Star Trek itself. In the history books of the characters who live in the Star Trek Universe, no TV show called "Star Trek" can actually exist as such, since the events depicted are supposed to be real events, not the fictional plots of a TV show. So here's what I'd like to see: a Star Trek episode that makes reference to (and even features a clip from) an influential TV sci-fi show from the 20th century, which would turn out to be Galaxy Quest.
"By this time, the suitcase was getting very heavy, so, I rested on a grassy knoll, and took a peek inside. As I opened it, out burst a fountain of many-colored butterflies, rainbow game counters, chess pieces, laughing cutlery, tiny chairs and tables, and flying plates covered with exotic fruit." -- one of several surreal spoken word bits which appear between songs on an album by the band XTC (performing under the name The Dukes of Stratosphear) called "Chips From The Chocolate Fireball" [Another of these bits goes like this: "I took the strangely-glowing ticket from the giant crane-fly, and turned to get onto the train. 'Hurry,' he hissed, and then before my eyes, changed into a splendid cream bun."]

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