Selling my Purple Car, Part 2

Last week I put my purple 1987 Dodge Omni up for auction on eBay. I was pleased to see it get many bids, and it sold for $255!

However, after talking to the high bidder, we mutually decided to cancel the deal. It turns out he hadn't really read the listing as closely as he should have... he was figuring he'd get outbid anyway, and was surprised to find he'd won. The show-stopper was the realization that the would-be buyer doesn't know how to drive a clutch! Considering the condition this car is in, it's just not a good idea to be trying to learn to use a manual transmission by buying this vehicle and trying to drive it home.

So I'm offering my car for sale again this week. Please read this carefully before bidding!

Here's a review of the important points:

Please read the original listing for a longer description of this car and its history. Thanks!

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