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"A friend introduced us to Fluxx and we were hooked! It's such a handy, portable game. Great for the train!" -- comments from Chris of San Diego, CA

Friday, December 10th, 2004
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

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What's Going On? Kristin & Alison's Trip to Florida

My regular readers will recall that I took a rather long vacation in Amsterdam last spring. Kristin & Alison joined me for a portion of my time in Holland, but nevertheless they've been deserving (and lately, really needing) some extra time off, so this week, they got it. They took a train to Florida, while I stayed home to work.

I had a fine week. With the house all to myself (well, except for various employees), I dug in and made major progress on several of my current secret projects. (Of course, since they're secret projects, I can't say much about them.)

Kristin & Alison, of course, had an even better week. They went to visit Russell and Shelly and they spent the whole time just relaxing, and doing creative craft projects entirely for fun. Alison caught the mobile-building bug that Russell is infected with, and she returned with a couple of wonderful mobiles she built while in Tampa (and plans for many others). Kristin also made a mobile (shown here), plus she worked on developing her drawing skills by starting the exercises in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

And speaking of drawings, check out this wonderful portrait Alison did of the bears playing Fluxx on the train:

Since they didn't have their photographer with them and had forgotten to borrow a camera for the trip (the photo above was taken by Russell), when they found themselves wanting to take a photo of this scene, Alison decided to capture it with pencil instead of film.


Have a Great Week! And Don't Forget to Shop!

Thought Residue
"According to a notarized affidavit signed by Clint Curtis, while he was employed by the NASA Kennedy Space Center contractor, Yang Enterprises, Inc., during 2000, Florida Republican Representative Tom Feeney solicited him to write a program to 'control the vote.' At the time, Curtis was of the opinion that the program was to be used for preventing fraud in the 2002 election in Palm Beach County, Florida. His mind was changed, however, when the true intentions of Feeney became clear: the computer program was going to be used to suppress the Democratic vote in counties with large Democratic registrations." -- Wayne Madsen's Special Report: "Texas to Florida: White House-linked clandestine operation paid for 'vote switching' software"

"Your message seems to be that you want allies to share in the dangers and costs of your policies while having no voice in them. The Middle East must be made to accept secular democracy even as you secure your presidency by embracing the religious right. You seek to enforce nuclear non-proliferation everywhere except in the U.S. where you are developing the next generation of nuclear weapons and exhorting a missile defense shield; actions that in the past provoked the arms race. The tragedy of 3,000 civilian deaths is reason enough to start a war, but the tragedy of 100,000 civilian deaths is not reason enough to stop." -- a message to President Bush from the editors of the Toronto Star, seen quoted in "Bush's Embarrassing Canadian Visit"
Congratulations to Joseph Kisenwether, designer of Undercut, which took first place in the 2nd Ice Games Design Contest which I was talking about last week. Undercut is a very cool game, and I agree, it was the best of the bunch. Give it a try sometime!



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