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Andrew Looney: Photographer

Ack! I'm way behind on my photography work! I haven't updated any of the eBooks listed below in a very long time. Photography-wise, all I've been able to manage lately are the WWN cover story photos and the product shots and other marketing photos needed by the Looney Labs advertising department (such as the beautiful image of pyramids seen on the Origins 2000 program book back cover, and now appearing on our color microcatalogs).

I do have a big new update of the Image Wall in the works -- I've had 'em all picked out for months -- but I just haven't had the time necessary to finalize it and prepare it for the web. Hopefully I'll get caught up on this soon, and can begin putting up a new image once a week. I desperately need to sort my negatives.

We also plan to completely restart the Atomic Bomb project at some point.


Kristin's Coasters: Although keeping track of and rating the coasters she has riden is her project, taking the photos she uses in her Electronic Book has always been my responsibility. Most of these photos were done with a cheap pocket camera and I therefore don't take immense pride in them, although lately I've started taking my good camera to the parks and am starting to get some pretty cool pictures.

The Atomic Bomb Photo Project: Again, these photos started out lame, being taken with a very cheap camera that was used for nothing else, but I've since taken steps to make these photos look better.

Andrew Looney's Image Wall: This is basically my photography porfolio, containing all my best work.There are actually 2 distinct versions of the Image Wall, one here on the web and the other on a wall at Wunderland.Earth. The Wunderland.Earth version uses 5x7 prints, but because of the limited wall space, that version of the Image Wall is always a subset of the one seen here on the web.

Gina and Her Sister: Gina Mai Denn is one of my favorite models, due to her charming smile, beautiful long hair, vanity, and availablity. She appears several times on the Image Wall, but I have so many other good and/or funny pictures of her that I decided to make her the focus of an entirely seperate Electronic Book. Her sister Lori is the focus of the second volume in this series, The Summer of Lori.


I have 2 cameras: a Pentax K-1000 and a Nikon N50. I got the Nikon in '96 when I decided to get serious about my photography. Now, I use the Pentax only for close up work (with my Vivitar 2X Macro lens), and as a backup camera.

I usually use Kodak 200 speed film (though lately I've been shooting more with 400 or 800 speed). I have some hot lights I use in my own primative studio; I occassionally borrow Angie's real studio when I want that real studio look.

I also use a Sony Digital Mavica MVC-FD71 for a lot of the web-based images I create now.

(this page was last updated on 1/11/1)

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