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Thursday, July 29th, 2004
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Adult Weekend & Visitors from Texas

This weekend, the three of us went to the Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies, out in West Virginia, for a camp event called Adult Weekend. The BCWS is a wonderful nature-oriented summer camp which Alison went to as a kid and liked so much she went on to become a staffer, working there every summer for almost a decade. After grad school she had to stop, since it's hard to take that much time off in the summer when you have a day job, but now that Alison works for Looney Labs full-time, we were happy to give her the time she needed to resume working at camp. She's still there now, and won't be back for a couple of weeks (hence the gaps in the Animeld and Cool Word featurettes).

Alison is working Third Session, which started on Tuesday, but all 3 of us went out there last Friday to participate in Adult Weekend. This is something they do once each summer, and it's designed to give the grown-ups who are too old to go to the regular camp sessions a chance to have that wonderful camp experience again (even if they'd never been to this particular camp before).

As one who went to many a Boy Scout camp while growing up, I found the Burgundy Center camp extremely charming. For one thing, the classes are very small: the twin dormitories only have a combined maximum occupancy of about 32 campers. (That's the size of just one troop's campsite at a typical Boy Scout campground!) And the staff have many ways of making science and nature exciting and fun to learn about without resorting to carrots such as merit badges or lanyards full of accomplishment beads.

Alison has been raving about her experiences at this camp for as long as we've known her, and now that we've finally experienced this place for ourselves, we can only agree: it's a gem, hidden in a cove, far from our noisy world. We hope to return for next year's Adult Weekend, as this is something we'd like to make a tradition of (but we're worried it might conflict with Gen-Con next year).

Anyway, I took so many photos over the weekend -- 240 to be exact -- that I've decided to postpone making full use of them until after Alison gets home, so that she can help me with the project. (If she gets carried away, as she is prone to, it may turn into a complete e-book of some sort.) But here are a few I really liked...


Before going to camp, we got to spend some time with Kristin's sister Ruth and her kids, Dustan and Jenelle. They were here visiting from Texas, and this was their first time visiting in many years (in between, we attended both of their Mitzvah's) and they had a great time visiting our clubhouse of a home. As you can see, Dustan becamme enamored of our snake, Benji...

Enjoy Life, and Don't Forget to Play!

the story so far

Thought Residue
"Around 900 US troops have been killed in Iraq. Thousands more are casualties, many missing limbs. Around 12,000 innocent Iraqi civilians are dead. An unknown number of Iraqi conscripts and soldiers died. The 'Coalition of the Willing' has sustained death and casualties. Our 'Shock and Awe' blitzkrieg has devastated the already damaged infrastructure including plumbing and sewage, insuring that tens, if not hundreds of thousands, more civilians will die of sickness and disease. Our use of the radioactive and toxic depleted uranium munitions will no doubt cause cancer and birth defects among Iraqis and US vets for generations to come. Meanwhile, the 9/11 Commission has declared that Saddam did not have WMD, he was not linked to Osama or al-Qaeda, he was not behind the World Trade Center attacks and his decimated army posed no imminent threat to the US." -- Christian Dewar, "Who Would Jesus Torture? The Religion of George W. Bush"

"More than any time in history, mankind now faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness, the other to total extinction. Let us pray that we have the wisdom to choose correctly." -- Woody Allen (seen quoted in Ginohn's email sig)
"Terror must be maintained, or the Empire is doomed." -- Spock with a beard (seen quoted on the Rash.Log)


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