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The Orangeutan

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ontic ( on'-tick) adj. of, relating to, or having real being.
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Doc Ock, mad genius,
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"Another type of kiddo has difficulty making friends because he can't just 'chill' or spend time with other people without some type of goal. Remember your adolescence? Those endless games of Monopoly where you won, or your friend won, or you just played and played until it was time to clean up and go home for dinner? Maybe the goal is playing and maybe the goal is just hanging out and having a focus. Fluxx can 'sucker' these hyper-competitive guys into playing, but with the shifting 'goal' the end of the game becomes somewhat diffuse, because the winner isn't smarter or even luckier, just the winner, ok, shuffle the deck and play again! Then we can discuss whether it's really important to win or just enjoy playing. This is an excellent game for this, because there is no rhyme or reason as to when the end comes (someone just lays down a goal card and there it is, someone wins)." -- Kelly Brown, talking about how she uses Fluxx in a speech and language setting, from her Rabbit bio

Thursday, July 8th, 2004
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Steny Changed His Mind!

The sad news of the day is that Congress voted against the Hinchey-Rohrabacher Amendment. (For those who don't follow our website, this was a medical marijuana bill which we've been campaigning for recently, which would have kept the federal government from arresting medical marijuana patients whose use of the drug is legal under state laws.) The failure of the Hinchey-Rohrabacher Amendment is certainly a big disappointment, and an indicator of how much more work there is to be done before our efforts at drug law reform will be successful. (You can easily check to see how your own representative voted - and please follow up and say Thank You or express your dissapointment, whichever is appropriate. Thanks!)

However, there is a bright spot of news in this story: our own region's representative, Mr. Steny Hoyer, who voted against a similar bill a year ago, has changed his mind! He voted "yes" this time around! Yay! Thank you Mr. Hoyer! Whether our little protest at your office last month had anything to do with it or not, I'm happy you've seen the wisdom of our point of view on this. Although it's a small victory in the face of a large defeat, Steny Hoyer is now a symbol for us that people can change their minds about this issue. Person by person, we *are* making progress!

Speaking of changing even a few people's minds, I'd like to urge everyone to go see "Fahrenheit 9/11." Being the radical liberal that I am, I've been looking forward to this movie for months, and now that we're back from Origins, we made a point of seeing it. Not surprisingly, I thought it was excellent, and I think everyone in America should see this movie before voting in the fall. Unfortunately, the people who most need to see this film are the ones who will refuse to, hiding behind lame excuses like "I don't like Michael Moore." Well, obviously, it's slanted, but the film-maker's bias doesn't invalidate the film's points, and if you refuse to see this movie, you are declaring that you are unwilling to listen to both sides of an argument and to then make a fair, informed decision. When has a sitting president ever been called to be accountable for his actions by a feature-length documentary like this? For that reason if no other, I think everyone who plans to vote this November should see this movie first.

We also saw Harry Potter 3 (after first finally seeing part 2) which I thought was really quite good, easily the best of the three, and we saw "Shrek 2," which was a worthy sequel, but not as good as the original. Also, I finally got hip to an obscure German film from 1999 called "Run Lola Run," which was excellent!

Besides getting caught up on movies, we've generally been relaxing and taking it easy this week. We celebrated the Fourth of July by eating delicious grilled meats, watching small explosions, falling off the couch, and of course, playing games with our friends. We made a special point of honoring the day by playing a few rounds of our patriotic new release, Early American Chrononauts, which is officially available now!

Enjoy Life! Have a great week!

the story so far

Thought Residue
The Hinchey-Rohrabacher Amendment failed to pass, but maybe we can stop the Federal Marriage Amendment. Please call both of your Senators ASAP and ask them to vote NO when this comes up for a vote, sometime next week. Here is the number: 1-877-762-8762. When you call, ask for one of your Senators by name. When their office answers, state your name and address and urge them to oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment. Then call your other Senator immediately and do the same. Thanks!

"Bush defenders try to explain away Bush's inaction as not wanting to upset the children. Michael Moore explains away Bush's inaction by suggesting he hadn't been told to leave. But Michael Moore failed to follow that line of reasoning through to its logical conclusion; where were the people whose job it is to get the President to a place of safety in event of attack, the people who would have, SHOULD have, pulled Bush out of there, children and public appearances be damned! The Secret Service did nothing. The dog did not bark." -- whatreallyhappened.com: "The Secret Service at Booker Elementary: The Dog That Did Not Bark"
"Thank you all for signing up for events, for helping to cover when people were late, for being so enthusiastic, for bringing so much spirit and energy that we were drawing people away from Pokemon (wow!)... Our Big Experiment is very unusual and special, and I think just about anybody who walks into our space must realize it right away. Thank you for bread, for covering my early morning Top Rabbit slots when I was running around, for keeping the demo tables in the booth hopping, for helping to clean up the Lab, for participating in our Rabbit discussions, for volunteering, for all of the warmth and affection. Thanks for hugs, everybody.... Thanks for water, for peanut butter and homemade jams, for little Tirades and painted shirts, for little tomatoes, for mobiles and for pistachios. Thanks for smiling, for laughing, for hugging me when I most needed it, for winning The Star, for keeping track of the data, and for doing so very much more than we could have asked. Thanks for recycling, for playing games, for being so darned friendly and fun to play with, for making the impression we always do when we show up somewhere and play. Thanks for photographs and ideas, for running to North Market to keep us fed, and for holding hands when we crossed the streets. Thanks for your patience and understanding, for the martini (or two), for staying up late and getting up early, for listening and talking. Thanks for letting me part of your team. Thanks for chocolate. Thanks for setting everything up, for tearing everything down, for packing and unpacking, counting, drawing, making signs, standing on top of stacks of chairs, for bringing duct tape, for having string, for helping to figure out every problem. Most of all, thanks for being there. Thanks for being my friends! I'm deeply grateful for all of this and more." -- Russell's post-Origins thank you message to the Rabbits


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