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"Played Fluxx at a friend's house, couldn't resist buying it ... Possibly the best game I've ever played." -- Hilary of the Isle of Man in the UK

Thursday, July 15th, 2004
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? A Quick Trip to Canada

On Saturday it was Kristin's birthday, and this year we decided to skip the usual roller-coastering day and instead go to Toronto for an extended weekend. And we had a great time!

It's been 6 or 7 years since we last had occasion to visit our great neighbor in the North, and a lot has changed in that time. Not only have we become outspoken marijuana legalization activists, but so too have numerous Canadians, and while we still have a long way to go here in America, the prospect of ending Prohibition in Canada is seeming very bright indeed. While Vancouver seems to be leading the way (there's a trip we're looking forward to taking someday) we've been hearing that Toronto is also becoming a "pot hot spot" so we drove up last Friday to check out the scene. Having recently returned from a visit to Amsterdam, we were eager to see how the emerging Canadian system compares with the established Dutch coffeeshop model.

The scene is indeed quite groovy. Shown here are a few views of the Hot Box Cafe, a "smoke-easy" located on a lush outdoor patio behind a headshop in downtown Toronto called the Roach-o-Rama (which, we were delighted to find, was already selling Stoner Fluxx). Unlike the Coffeeshops of Amsterdam, you cannot purchase weed in a Canadian Smoke-easy, but if you have it, you are allowed to smoke it there. (How you get some is your problem, and opportunities are few... the rules at the Hot Box Cafe insist there be no buying, no selling, no fishing, no mooching, etc.)

We did a bunch of other stuff in Toronto, including visiting with a rabbit named Stephanie Clarkson who was kind enough to provide a couple of nights lodging for us as well as showing us around various parts of her town. (Sadly, Stephanie tripped and injured her ankle while we were all wandering around the Celebrate Toronto! street festival we went to, but she didn't seem to be too badly hurt. Thanks again Stephanie, and get well soon!)

Toronto is an extremely huge city and we felt kind of daunted there, so after a couple of days we decided to go visit the nearby town of Guelph. It was great! What a lovely town that is! We were asking where the hippies like to go, and when people told us Guelph, we knew we had to check it out. When we got there, we asked where in Guelph the hippies like to go, and that's when we were told about the Cafe Aquarius, a vegan organic restaurant, and indeed, it was full of hippies! Of course we just had to play Aquarius there... and we left a deck behind for the new friends we made to keep playing with.

There's a lot more I could say about our visit to Canada, such as other friends we made (hi Albert and Shannon!), other cities we visited (Kingston was really nice), and the role-playing game we played in the car (it was Alison's first time being a GM and we had a great time) but as usual I'm late with this update, so I'll just stop there for now.

Enjoy Life! Have a great week!

the story so far

Thought Residue
"We have a leader who combines the worst features of an ignorant imperialist with the moral certainty of a reformed drunk who is convinced that he can do no wrong, because Jesus guides his actions. He is surrounded and shaped by older, more adept politicians who are in some cases far more ruthless and cynical, or as narrow and deeply flawed, as he." -- Jack Lessenberry, "The Establishment Turns On Bush"

"With Introverted Intuition dominating their personality, INTJs focus their energy on observing the world, and generating ideas and possibilities. Their mind constantly gathers information and makes associations about it. They are tremendously insightful and usually are very quick to understand new ideas. However, their primary interest is not understanding a concept, but rather applying that concept in a useful way. Unlike the INTP, they do not follow an idea as far as they possibly can, seeking only to understand it fully. INTJs are driven to come to conclusions about ideas. Their need for closure and organization usually requires that they take some action." -- Portrait of an INTJ: The Scientist
"The people I have spent the last decade working and playing with have inhaled more than a few puffs and taken a variety of trips down Alice's rabbit hole. Yet some way, somehow they have turned into able and impressive members of the republic. These are people with good jobs, who engage in charitable pursuits and who rarely cut in line at Whole Foods. We've taken some of our old vices with us into adulthood without burning down the house or checking into rehab. We've done a good job prolonging our adolescence, but now we're facing adulthood's ultimate gut check: children." -- Larry Smith. "Do You Puff, Daddy?"


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