The Combination Time Travel Experience

ÜberChrononauts is a combination game played with the original Chrononauts and it's prequel, Early American Chrononauts

For those wild and crazy people who want to combine EAC and Original Chrono, here are the current rules. The first version of these rules appears on a card available in EAC.

If you're having trouble finding this card, keep in mind that it's double sided. On one side, it talks about ÜberChrononauts, and on the other it has a yellow "Inverter Converter" so that you know which inverters work on which linchpins when you combine the games.

Additional details about playing ÜberChrononauts can be found, in Q&A form, at the Chrononauts FAQ page.


Combining EAC with original Chrononauts

SETUP: Shuffle both decks together. Arrange the Timelines by date with 1865, 1868, & 1916 intermingling in the middle as needed. Each player gets two IDs and two Missions.

1) New basic rules: On your turn, Draw two (add them to your hand), Discard (any) one (card), and Play (any) one (card), in that order.

2) To win, you must complete all three standard winning conditions, in any order.

  • When one of your IDs can get home, turn it face up. Return the other ID to the stack.
  • When you complete one of your Missions, turn it face up and discard the Artifacts. Return the other Mission to the stack.
  • Tokens will be needed to represent the retirement gift you receive from the Time Repair Agency when you get ten cards in hand.
    Note: Once this token is given out, it is kept by the player who has acheived it, regardeless of subsequent hand size.

3) The universe is only destroyed if the 13 Paradoxes are within four consecutive Timeline rows.

4) Artifacts or Gadgets from "The Future" cannot be played down in front of you, or stolen from you during an ÜberParadox. If already in play before the ÜberParadox occurs, however, they still count towards your Mission (or, in the case of Gadgets, their power may still be used.)

5) Use the Inverter Converter included with EAC, shown above.

Here's an example of the double-sized Timeline laid out. The cards will be interspersed somewhat where they meet in the middle (just look at the dates, and put them in order).

You'll notice that either they've already started to put some of the patches away, or this game ended with the space-time continuum collapsing, due to 13 open paradoxes within the span of four rows.

ÜberChrononauts is a combination of Early American Chrononauts and Original Chrononauts

If you have any comments or suggestions about playing ÜberChrononauts, please post to the Chrononauts discussion list

Frequently Asked Questions about ÜberChrononauts are answered at the Chrononauts FAQ page.

EAC & OC Designed by Andrew Looney
Published by Looney Laboratories, Inc.


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