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cogent (koh'-jent) adj. 1a: appealing forcibly to the mind or reason; convincing 1b: pertinent; relevant 2: having power to compel or restrain.
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The Brother from Another Planet %}

Low budget classic
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LEAP: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

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"The rulecard does an impressive job of winnowing the rules down to what'll fit on the front and back of a card (with most of the back taken up by a simple example)--and fortunately the rules for this game are simple enough that they survived the reduction. Having these rules simply available on a card, without need to resort to the Internet, was a great boon. Overall, I find the Icehouse Pieces classy and impressive" -- Shannon Appelcline's review of Tic Tac Doh! at RPGnet

Thursday, August 21st, 2003
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? The Volcanic Scoreboard

Is it Thursday already? Wow, where does the time go? It seems like Gen-Con (or even Origins) was just last weekend, and yet it's time to start packing for Dragon*Con...

Well, let's see: what's been going on...

  • My mom got pneumonia and spent a couple of days in the hospital, but she's home again now and doing much better
  • We're about to receive tens of thousands of fresh copies of Fluxx and our color catalog (which is good since we're about to run out of both)
  • I finally finished making a photocopy scrapbook I did most of the work on 10 years ago, then lost track of, only to find that the book-style binding method which originally inspired the project is no longer being offered by Kinko's
  • There's a new Pop-Tart flavor, called Hot Fudge Sundae, and they're really quite good (albeit very similar to Chocolate Frosted Vanilla Creme)

OK, so I guess this hasn't been a very interesting week. Wait! Here's something useful we just discovered: a Volcano board makes an excellent score-keeping tray for Scoring with Pyramids! We went out for dinner one night, and of course we were playing a game while waiting for the food... in this case, we were Wimping Out with Pyramids.

As you can see from this photo, you can keep track of up to 5 players' scores on a Volcano board... the pieces that are stacked by size on the back 3 rows are in the Bank, with the stacks in the front row of the board reflecting each player's score. (I was yellow, and as you can see I wasn't doing very well in this game (though I did win the previous one).)

Another thing to notice in this photo is the dice mat we're using. It's a prototype of a really groovy pyramid bag made by Emily Frawley, which flattens out into a big circle when the drawstring is undone. Should we be thinking about adding bags like this to the Short Run Depot? Would you buy one? What do you think would be an appropriate price? As always, your emails are welcomed.


Have a great fortnight!

the story so far

Thought Residue
"I wanna be like Uncle Andy! I want a job where I don't have to work a lot... and I'll live in a big house with a bunch of my friends, and we'll play video games and we'll watch a lot of ballgames on TV!" -- Joe, a cartoon character, answering the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" in a "One Big Happy" strip by Rick Detorie

"How exactly did it come about that, in a world of Aids, global warming, 30-plus active wars, several famines, cloning, genetic engineering, and two billion people in poverty, practically the only thing we all talked about for a year was Iraq and Saddam Hussein? Was it really that big a problem? Or were we somehow manipulated into believing the Iraq issue was important and had to be fixed right now - even though a few months before few had mentioned it, and nothing had changed in the interim." -- Brian Eno, "Lessons in how to lie about Iraq"
"The dramatic change of view is the result of clinical experience.  Doctors and nurses have seen that for many patients cannabis is more useful, less toxic, and less expensive than the conventional medicines prescribed for diverse syndromes and symptoms, including multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, migraine headaches, severe nausea and vomiting, convulsive disorders, the AIDS wasting syndrome, chronic pain, and many others. A mountain of anecdotal evidence speaks to marijuana's medical versatility and striking lack of toxicity.  Even the federally sponsored Institute of Medicine has grudgingly acknowledged that marijuana has medical uses. However, the government itself refuses to learn." -- Dr. Lester Grinspoon, "The Shifting Medical View on Marijuana"


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