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"I don't know about these motorcycle things," I yell to Khaled, as we pull out of the gas station on his motorcycle.

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nugatory (noo'-guh-tor-ee) adj. 1. trifling, worthless; futile 2. inoperative, ineffective, not valid

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Corky Romano :|

Some very funny
moments - if you like Kattan -
and don't expect much.

Daddy-O's Reviews

The Endless Summer

That image of The Dudes With Surfboards (from the movie poster) has been etched in my brain since childhood... but having never actually seen the film until now, I hadn't really understood the title before. Two surfers (and their cameraman) spend 1966 following the summer around the globe, looking for places to surf. [You might say it's like the Amazing Race except that the only type of Challenge is surfing, there's only one team, and they're not in any hurry. (And no, we still haven't heard anything about back from CBS.)] Part surfing documentary, part international travelogue, this time capsule is thoroughly entertaining, even if you don't dig surfing.

Tirade's Choice

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics

"Playing with Pyramids is by far one of the most impressive gaming documents I have ever read. Even if you have seen the rules on-line, the book provides updated and rewritten text as well as strategy tips. If you have little interest in abstract strategy games, this book is still an excellent example of organization, clarity, and flavor that can help anyone interested in writing rules for their own games." --Brad Weier, reviewing PwP for Pyramid

Thursday, June 27, 2002
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? When In Doubt, Make It Purple

We got the proofs from our card printers for the backs to Nanofictionary this week, and we weren't happy with them. The yellowed parchment look we were shooting for had taken on a very slight greenish tint which made Alison very displeased. When we asked Carta Mundi about it, they said "Yeah, beiges are difficult..." Apparently, the paper itself (the grey-core that makes it impossible to see through playing cards) interacts with the ink in a way that causes certain yellows to become slightly green. Weird, huh?

Anyway, this left us with a choice: either go with it and hope the greenishness isn't too noticeable (in truth it was very minor); or quickly shift the parchment into a different part of the spectrum. As you've undoubtedly guessed by now, we decided to change it to purple.

We're actually very pleased with this last-minute change... a purple envelope is much more fitting for this wacky game than that stodgy brown envelope we were using before! (If you don't know what the old color scheme looked like, check out the entry from 1/17/2.)

Besides that, everything we've been getting from our printers has been great. Finished goods have been arriving... postcards, promo cards, wooden nickels... and as more and more of the stuff we're making for Origins is finalized, the more excited we're getting about it. It's going to rock!

If you're going too, we'll see you there!


the story so far

Thought Residue
I'll bet a well-funded, privately-run space program could eventually become profitable by sending robots to the moon to scoop up small rocks and send them back. When they come from the moon, ordinary pebbles become more precious than gemstones... cut them into tiny pieces, embed them in rings and necklaces, and auction them off! Moonstone Jewelry: The fashion craze of 2028.
"And for some reason, Cole adds, these extra-thrifty customers always steal chicken. Strangely, it's the same at HomeTown Buffet. Arlene Potter says she notices elderly women lining their purses with large, zip-loc bags to stash chicken for later. Cookies, Potter says, are also popular." -- from an article about buffet restaurants and the people who dine in them, entitled "All You Can Eat", by Tim Sullivan
"Trashing Fluxx for not having any strategy or its element of randomness is a bit like reviewing Hamlet and saying 'I didn't laugh once! What's the deal!'" -- D. Lopez from NM, reviewing Fluxx at


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