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Waiting in the lobby of the dentist's office, reading a Newsweek magazine: '"She was perfect," Jeunet says. "When I met her I thought, 'Where did you come from? Are you an E.T.?'"'

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acid test (a'-sid test) n. a crucial, final test of the value or quality of a thing or person: originally a test of gold by acid

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The Royal Tenenbaums :)

As families go,
This movie is just a slight

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Cast Away

A friend of my complained that this film felt like one big ad for FedEx, but I liked the fact that a real company was featured; it made the story feel more authentic to me than it would have with a fictitious package delivery company. And I really liked the central hour of the film, in which Tom Hanks struggles to survive on a remote tropical island. But I was unsatisfied with the conclusion: the ending was at least one scene too abrupt for my tastes.

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The International Time Capsule Society

"I just bought Fluxx and my family LOVES it! My eleven year old says it is the best game she's ever played. My six year old plays just as well as anyone else and the adults are crazy about it too! We've never played the same game so many times in a row before -- I guess that it's because this one is different every time! What a delight to discover a game that is unlike any I've played before. Thank you for creating so much fun!" -- text accompanying a mailing list sign-up from Liz

Thursday, January 17, 2002
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Tweaking Nanofictionary

Although we're hoping to have the final cardsheet artwork sent to Carta Mundi by February 1st, this week finds us once again tweaking the rules to Nanofictionary. I've re-written some of the Action cards yet again, but the major change is that now, during the writing round, we take our turns simultaneously. This wonderfully speeds up the game. No doubt some eyebrows are raising at this idea, but it really works: A turn begins with all players drawing a card; then people play a card, in whatever order they choose (order doesn't matter because most times you're just adding a new card to your story); and when everyone has 5 cards in hand again (note new initial handsize), then the next turn begins with everyone drawing a card. This does mean we have to eliminate the tableau, since it interferes with simultaneous turns, but hey, it was kind of a band-aid anyway. Instead, we're making it a standard turn option to dump as many cards as you choose and draw back to 5.

Anyway, we've been playtesting with these changes and really digging it... it's gotten us all excited about this game all over again. And look: Alison finished up the card back! Doesn't it look grand? (By the way, the whole simultaneous turn thing was her idea, too... good thinking, Alison!)


Have a Great Week!


the story so far

Thought Residue
My local film developer now makes real photographic prints from digital media. I got my first batch of 5x7s back today, and they look great! For me, film is now officially dead.
Alison's snake Benji is a fussy eater. He seems to be insisting on store-bought white mice, despite our Little Cat's fine efforts to harvest locally-grown gray mice for him to eat. I can understand a snake not wanting pre-killed dinners, but of the 3 occasions (out of 11 so far) on which we've gotten a mouse away from the Little Cat while it was still alive, Benji's only been willing to eat one of them. What's with that?
When a show (such as, for example, "That 70's Show") does a bit re-creating the infamous "Happy Days" shark jump, and even acknowledges it as the moment a show becomes no-longer-watchable, does that mean the new show has, by association, also Jumped the Shark? (I guess time will tell...)


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