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As I tend to some oyster mushrooms frying in a pan, I sing a line from an eighties tune: "That's why you'll always find him in the kitchen at parties." Then I add an enthusiastic "Yeah!"

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Monsoon Wedding :)

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Sorry, instead of seeing a film this week, Daddy-O spent all his time helping with the filming and editing of Andy & Alison's Amazing Race application video.

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The Budget Traveller's Guide to Sleeping in Airports

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"I'm a huge fan of Looney games. Games in general, but Looney in particular. It's gotten to the point where I just buy stuff on faith, as long as it has the Looney Logo on it. Keep up the good work!" -- Peter T. of Morris Plains, NJ, via email

Thursday, May 9, 2002
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? This Summer's Intern: Lillian / Secret Project AR-3
Here's a picture of Lillian Lee Butler, our new summer intern. Lillian is about to graduate from Georgetown Day School (coincidentally the same high school Alison went to) and in the fall, she'll be starting at Oberlin College in Ohio. But during the summer, she'll be working for us part-time, and although this is only her second day, already she's gotten started on a range of helpful tasks. Here you see her sticking Icehouse labels on empty stash tubes (which means empty tubes are available again, yay!) but she's also good with computers and she's helping us edge Nanofictionary closer to publication by taking on the job of formatting up the rules. She also likes making phone calls, so we're also planning to get her help in making sales calls, once Kristin finishes up the massive overhaul of our database system she and Dale have been working on for months (which I'm happy to say is finally nearing completion). Lillian is enthusiastic and multi-talented, and we're very pleased to have her help this summer. Welcome aboard, Lillian!

Have you ever seen the show on CBS called The Amazing Race? It's one of those "reality shows" like Survivor; in this one, 11 pairs of people race around the world, with the winning team getting a million dollars. The second season ends next week (sadly, our favorite team was eliminated last night) and they are currently in the process of reviewing candidates for the 3rd season. And guess what? Alison and I applied!

It was not an easy process: we had to make a 3-minute video of ourselves, and we each had to fill out a huge, detailed questionnaire filled with all sorts of probing questions. Plus of course, getting chosen means being able to drop everything and disappear for 6 weeks (to say nothing of the repeated casting calls beforehand). So although millions of people might want to go on this adventure, we're hoping the number of people who actually get through the process of applying will be small enough to give us a fighting chance.

Will they pick us? Will Alison and I get to race around the world on National TV while Kristin runs the business without us? Check back here in the coming weeks for updates as they happen!

AndyHave a Great Week!

the story so far

Thought Residue
The question on the Amazing Race application that I was most pleased with my answer to was this one: "List three adjectives that best describe you." My answer:
1. Artistic
2. Enthusiastic
3. Comical
4. Non-Conformist
"Upon the Producers' request, all applicants and/or contestants agree to sign and abide by the terms of any additional releases or authorizations that the Producers, in their sole discretion, deem necessary." -- in other words, you have to agree to anything else we say (just one of the things we had to agree to in order to apply for the Amazing Race)
"I want my old dad back, the one who was yelling all the time, and... you know, I'm not really sure what I want." -- Lisa Simpson, in the recent, generally-lame medical marijuana episode of "The Simpsons," when the family confronted Homer about being a stoner


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