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"Well maybe some oatmeal," I say loudly to Gina who's somewhere in the house. "Isn't that supposed to be good for your... colon, or whatever?"

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dingle (ding'-gull) or dimble (dim'-bull) n. a narrow wooded dale or valley between hills; a small secluded valley

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Joe Dirt :)

It was easy to
forget Joe was David Spade.
Could be the weird hair.

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It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

The last words of a dying man send a wacky assortment of strangers on a crazed quest for a suitcase filled with cash buried in a certain park under a "big W". An all-time classic of comedy cinema, this influential madcap farce features a long parade of cameos by comic personalities of 1963. I remember seeing parts of this movie again and again over the years, but it seems like I always tuned in late... having seen it again for the first time in years, I found the opening sequence totally unfamiliar (but quite informative).

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Thing in a Jar

"The box to Chrononauts asks, 'So, you want to be a Time Traveler, eh?'. I have another query: 'Is this game fun to play?' My reply? An emphatic Y-E-S!" -- Marty Goldberger, in a review that appeared in the Gamers Alliance Fall 2001 Report

Thursday, November 15, 2001
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Goodbye Tree, Hello Boxtop

Here you see a guy named Hoff, of Morgan's Tree Service, getting ready to remove the top branches from that old dead tree in the backyard. Ever since the recent tornado, I've been worrying that the next storm might bring this tree down onto our house, so I'm glad that it's finally been cut down. Still, it's weird having that big gap in the sky over there. Anyway, all we need now is to get Joe over here to split all this new firewood!

As for Looney Labs stuff, it's been just another crazy-busy week for us. Alison and Petra have been working on tarot card art, Kristin and Dale have been making great progress, along with Eric and Lance ("The VanSam boys"), on our new shopping cart, and with the new tube stickers finally in hand, the folks at KLON have started manufacturing Icehouse pieces again. (Keep your toes crossed... hopefully, purple and orange pieces will be available here next week!)

Meanwhile, Playing with Pyramids is still moving along; having taken the formatting task over from Lynne, Jana has been putting in many long hours on the task, and it's really looking good. Unfortunately, she had a major setback when the master file became corrupted following a system crash, but she recovered and pressed on, and the first alpha copies will hopefully be printed within the next day or two. [Important Safety Tip: When working on a 128-page book filled with lots of graphics, be sure to rename the file you're working on from time to time, since backups don't help if you backup a corrupted file. That way, you'll only lose a day or two of work instead of the entire project!]

Finally, with the book nearing completion, we've started thinking about the packaging for Icehouse: Fifth Edition, which will be replacing the Martian Chess Set edition of the game, sometime next year. Over the weekend, I took this picture after dinner at the local diner:

Isn't that a beautiful image? I'm really happy with the pictures I've been getting with my new digital camera. We like this picture so much, we're already thinking to make this the boxtop art for Fifth Edition!Andy

Have you played any games today?

Thought Residue
I'm totally excited about this plan to save the crumbing New York State pavilion by filling the walls and ceilings with glass and turning it into an Air & Space museum. What a great idea! Among other things, the new museum would beautifully showcase the original space shuttle Enterprise, which there isn't room for in the NASM. I hope this project succeeds!
"The National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C. consistently ranks among that city's most popular draws for visitors. There is no reason to believe that a world-class museum of that order in New York would not have the same draw... Could there be any other location in the city so ideally suited for an aeronautic/space related facility? Could there be any other building so ideally suited to such a project?" -- A Proposed Air & Space Museum for Flushing Meadows
Alison has become hooked on the classic real-time computer game Warcraft, so I finally have a willing opponent again! (They're hard to find, since I'm an old-school die-hard who refuses to "upgrade" to Warcraft 2...)


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