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Playing Go with Mark Gitlis in the cafe. The resident mentally disturbed guy named Joel is ranting loudly and somewhat incomprehensibly about the FBI and G. Gordon Liddy.

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dook (dook, rhymes with kook) n. a piece of wood inserted in a brick or stone wall for holding nails

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Filmed during the actual month and year in which the story is supposed to have taken place, this striking adaptation of George Orwell's classic novel of a grim dystopian future is one of the most faithful film translations I've ever seen. It felt just like I was reading that dark, depressing book all over again. The music, by the Eurythmics, is also excellent.

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What Robot Are You Really?

"The Chrononauts card game is ingenious. The game play is highly addictive, as is illustrated by the sizable local following after only three weeks. It is constantly asked for for demonstration and actual play, and competition can be quite fierce." -- Christopher, in an email to us

Thursday, November 8, 2001
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Things Are Coming Together

I can't believe it's already November, nor even that it's already Thursday. Where does the time go? This week we've mainly just been pounding away on our work... I've just about finished creating the last of the material (text and images) for Playing with Pyramids, and thanks to Lynne and Jana, the page layout work for the first complete draft is nearing completion as well, and looking mighty good. Nevertheless, we are running behind schedule at this point, and we're not even done finalizing the rules to one of the games yet. I'm really excited about the new version of IceTraders, which John is calling Homeworlds... it has all the coolness of IceTraders, but is a lot easier and more fun to play. Most of the new ruleset is solid at this point, but there are still a few tweaks to be tested.

Meanwhile, Kristin and Dale have been logging many long hours working on the Wunderlist. This is our new fully-integrated shopping cart/inventory tracker/database management system, which we've been working on building now for quite a while. This too is coming along splendidly but is also regrettably behind schedule... we'd hoped to have the new shopping cart up well before the Holiday Shopping Season begins, and that's just a couple of weeks away at this point. But the delays will all be worth it if we really get everything we're looking for in this new system. Kristin and Dale have been getting help from a software company called VanSam, and a couple of guys there named Eric and Lance have been implementing the system for us, and it too is really starting to come together.

The handoff of fulfillment, a process we've been going through for some months now, is otherwise going really well. Here's a picture of Dave Pullen, standing in the caged-in warehouse space they maintain for us at his company, ACMS. Dave and his team have been filling orders for us as well (or better) than we used to do ourselves, and have been for a several months now. But we're still taking the orders through our old shopping cart, and Kristin is still processing each order herself by hand. The new system will automate much of the handwork, and we're all really looking forward to the time when the new system is operational.

Somewhere in there I also had a birthday, which was fun, and I went to the dentist several times, which wasn't. It's been that kind of week.


Have you played any games today?

Thought Residue
Yay! We have DSL again! We've been without it (getting by with dial-up phone line access) for many months.
"Here's a troubling source of toxins that hasn't made it onto the average environmentalist's radar screen: methamphetamine labs. For every pound of the illegal stimulant produced, six pounds of toxic waste are left behind. Not surprisingly, there's no environmental oversight for meth labs, so the toxic waste is often dumped into rivers or directly onto the ground. The waste contains benzene and phosphene gas, among other toxins, and can cause explosions, burn skin, impair mental functioning, damage lungs, and, in the worst cases, lead to brain damage and cancer." -- Grist Magazine's Daily Grist for 10/31/1
"Cannabis is a 'wonder drug' capable of radically transforming the lives of very sick people, according to the results of the first clinical trials of the drug. Tests sanctioned by the Government are proving far more successful than doctors, patients and cannabis campaigners ever dared hope." -- Anthony Browne, writing for UK's the Guardian, "Cannabis a Medical Miracle - It's Official"


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