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Pulling off my shoe, wondering when Gina is coming home.

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trituration (try'-toor-ay'-shun) vt. to grind; to rub; to crush; specifically, to grind to a powder; to pulverize

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Mullholland Drive %}

An elaborate
puzzle, too puzzling for some,
but worth unlocking.

Daddy-O's Reviews

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Dazzling special effects and faithfulness to the original text make this a worthy adaptation of the first Harry Potter adventure. But I was sad to note that my favorite minor character, Peeves the Poltergeist, didn't make it into the film.

Tirade's Choice

The PiecePack Game System

"I love Fluxx beyond all reason! It is one of the greatest card games of all time. A close friend of mine had a deck and got me hooked on it. She has now moved away and I'm going through Fluxx withdrawal. I need my Fluxx fix! Your game is wonderful! Thank you!" -- Aaron, in comments accompanying an order

Thursday, November 22, 2001
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Purple and Orange!

Happy Thanksgiving! And welcome to the start of the Holiday Shopping Season! We're pleased to announce the release of several new products. First, there's the long awaited purple and orange Icehouse pieces, which feature the new packaging style we call the Stash Tube. Then, for those who wish to put Icehouse pieces they already have into these tubes, we're making empty Stash Tubes available in our Dollar Store. Lastly, Alison's Chessboard Bandana is now available!

To further entice you into starting your holiday shopping with us, we're also offering a special deal, this weekend only: spend $25 or more in our gift shop by Tuesday, and we'll send along a free Fluxx deck with your order! If you already have a Fluxx deck, you can give it away as a gift! Be sure to click on the Thanksgiving Special button to get the free Fluxx deck (a $10 value) added to your order.

If you've been thinking you will likely do some holiday shopping with us, please shop early and do it today!

Here's a picture of my nephew Eric and a friend of his named Elizabeth. Eric's a huge Harry Potter fan, so of course he wanted to see the movie when it opened, and we had the privilege of tagging along for this momentous occasion. Eric had been critical of certain differences from the book he'd been noting from watching the commercials, but the film itself met with his wholehearted approval. I myself was really only disappointed by one thing: I had heard people were seeing a Star Wars episode 2 preview with this movie, but it didn't happen at our cinema! Anyway, it was fun afternoon.

AndyHave you played any games today?

Thought Residue
Zocchi Distribution is going out of business! (And they owe us a bunch of money, too!) They were the very first distributor to give our product line a chance, so they had a special place in our hearts. We are very sad to see them go.
"You can't stop Thursday." -- something I've started saying when we're prioritizing tasks, to remind ourselves that some deadlines are more firm than others
Annie's now has a microwavable single-serving macaroni & cheese, and I pronounce it to be the best of any rapidly prepared single-serving M&C on the market. Yum!


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